Lego Super Mario is getting four extra suits in a set of Power-Up Packs

Lego Super Mario Power-Up Packs will let the plastic plumber don some new takes on familiar outfits.

The Lego Group revealed the four packs in a new promotional video today, one each for Lego Super Mario (opens in new tab)’s distinctive suits. On top of customizing Mario with a new look and sound effects, they’ll also allow you to play with him in ways inspired by the suits’ function in the games. Lego hasn’t revealed a price point for the Power-Up Packs yet, though they’ll probably be a good deal cheaper than the $59.99 starter course (opens in new tab).

Looking good LEGO Mario! He now gets four new suits AND four new ways to play ✈️🐱⚒️🔥Pre-order your Starter Set: #LEGO #LEGOSuperMario #Nintendo 20, 2020

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The Fire Mario Suit allows Mario to toss fireballs at enemies by tilting him forward and back. It’s a toy so the fireballs are imaginary (probably not worth setting the house on fire just to get the full effect) but the extra coins you can rack up by pre-toasting Goombas before you stomp on them are real. The Propeller Mario suit gives you extra coins for lifting Mario into the air and flying him around like an aerial ace. Cat Mario gives you coins for sending Mario scampering up walls, and Builder Mario gives you coins for sending him crashing down onto courses with a powerful Ground Pound.

The Lego Mario Starter set is due to hit stores beginning in August, and you’ll need it to play with any of the rest of the Lego Mario line – including the Power Up Packs. Once you have the basics sorted, you’ll be able to use them with all the other announced Super Mario kits. Lego Bowser won’t know what hit him when Lego Mario comes soaring over the horizon with that propeller hat.

Nintendo may also be remastering some beloved Mario games like Super Mario Galaxy this year (opens in new tab).

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