Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player discovers a new updraft trick

A Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild player has discovered a way to perform a triple updraft to gain more height in the air.

Posted to the Breath of the Wild subreddit, user u/tetr4_hc (opens in new tab) shared their tip for launching Link even higher in the air by performing a triple updraft trick. From the reaction the post got on Reddit, it looks as if this wasn’t an easy trick to pull off or one many other fans had heard of. 

In the video, Link grabs five chilli peppers from his inventory and chucks them on the ground, forming the initial gust of wind. From there, he flings himself into the air using his paraglider and continues shooting the remaining peppers for additional updrafts. It’s these extra little pockets of wind that allow Link to pull off three updraft tricks in a row, getting him higher than he’s probably ever been above Hyrule. 

We can’t imagine this trick is much use when standing in the middle of the field like in the video, however, if pulled off near a hard-to-reach ledge it’ll probably come in really handy. If you’re new to Breath of the Wild, updrafts can easily be created with just a fiery item and some grass. This includes the Spicy Peppers like in the video but also any other fire-based tools Link has at his disposal like the Flameblade. 

Despite releasing way back in 2017, fans of Breath of the Wild keep making in-game discoveries like this. We’ve also recently seen a fan who discovered some hidden Princess Zelda dialogue in Zora’s Domain, another who noticed a rare Link animation that not many others had seen before, and one player who discovered that Guardians can drown.

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