Kingdom Hearts 3 Shield Shredder trophy/achievement guide – how to get 600,000 score on Frozen Slider

If you’re working your way through the various mini-game trophies or achievements, then the Kingdom Hearts 3 Shield Shredder is one of the trickier awards to pick up. Based on the Frozen Slider found in the Arendelle world of Kingdom Hearts 3 (opens in new tab), you’ll need to beat a total score of 600,000 points as you use Goofy’s shield to slide your way down the North Mountain. Accumulating this many points is no walk (or should that be slide) in the park, so if you’re falling short of the mark then take a look at our tips for unlocking the Kingdom Heart 3 Shield Shredder award and beating the Frozen Slider.

Keep up your combo

Just like in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Centurion award (opens in new tab) guide where you need to get a score of 12,000,000 in Verum Rex: Beat of Lead, Frozen Slider is also all about maintaining a combo. From the second you set off on Goofy’s shield down the mountain, make sure you are always collecting prizes, even if it means you turn and lose a bit of speed.

Thankfully, the time between prizes until your combo expires is quite generous, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue with this. Just ensure you’re always making a beeline towards the nearest prizes.

Don’t crash!

The goal here is 600,000 points, and the only way this is remotely attainable is by maintaining a combo as mentioned above. You can lose your combo by spending too long between prizes, but it can also be lost if you crash into any obstacle. The maximum combo you can attain is an 8x multiplier, and if you lose that you may as well pause and restart because there’s no chance you’ll reach 600,000 without keeping that multiplier throughout.

There’s also a solid 50,000 score waiting for you at the end if you complete the entire course without crashing. It’s only 1/12th of the score you’re going for, but it’s nothing to laugh at; that 50,000 could be the difference between earning the Shield Shredder trophy or achievement §and starting all over again.

Grind on the ice rails for guaranteed prizes and no obstacles

After you clear the first section of the mountain, you’ll spot some light blue lines above the course. These are ice rails and you can grind on them, which has a few different benefits. The first is that up in the sky, there are no obstacles to hit whatsoever, so you don’t need to worry about crashing. Each rail is also littered with prizes, so you don’t need to worry whatsoever about losing your combo.

When you reach the end of one section of rail, it will throw you into the air and there will be another rail to latch on to. This means that you can clear almost the entire course by rail, other than the very start and end sections. Which leads us to our next tip…

Jump again after you come off a rail to do a super double jump

Even if you don’t have the Superjump ability equipped in normal gameplay, you can double jump in Frozen Slider when you come off a rail. This propels you straight into the air and gives you a few seconds to position yourself, so you can come down and land back directly on a rail. Some rails are positioned high in the sky, so mastering this is key to clearing most of the course from the skies.

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