Job listing reveals Bandai Namco is working on a remaster for Nintendo

Bandai Namco is currently hiring staff to work on a remaster commissioned by Nintendo, recent job listings have revealed. 

Originally pointed out on Resetera (opens in new tab), one observant user noticed that Bandai Namco Studios is hiring for a few roles at its Tokyo studio. All of the job listings feature the phrases “3D action game”, “commissioned by Nintendo”, with one of them also featuring the words “HD remaster.” 

Unfortunately, these are the only clues we have so far as to what Bandai Namco could be working on for Nintendo as the rest of the job listings don’t mention anything else that could be a clue. 

The fact Bandai Namco is working on a Nintendo IP isn’t actually that surprising. A quick look at their past works on the Bandai Namco Studios website (opens in new tab) reveals that the developer/publisher has previously also worked on a number of Nintendo games including New Pokemon Snap, Mario Kart Tour, ARMS, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and even Mario Kart 8. 

We could spend all day guessing what game Nintendo wants remastered and still not be any closer to finding out the truth. So at least for now, we’ll have to settle on speculating. 

This is exactly what other users have done on the same Resetera thread. According to the comments, fans are thinking it could perhaps be something to do with Starfox, Metroid Prime, Kid Icarus, and even The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – but nothing is for certain right now. 

In other Nintendo news, the Super Mario studio has recently announced plans for a new office located in Kyoto, Japan, conveniently right next to Nintendo’s current headquarters. In a press release sent out yesterday, Nintendo said that the new building will work as a development center with 12 floors inside of it. It’s expected to be ready for employees by December 2027. 

Curious about what Nintendo definitely has on the way? Take a look at our upcoming Switch games list. 

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