Jimmy Woos WandaVision mystery will be answered, says director

A leftover WandaVision mystery will eventually be answered, director Matt Shakman has said.

When Jimmy Woo first arrived at Westview, he was on the trail of a missing person in the witness protection program, who had vanished with all known associates and relatives saying they had never heard of him. Who that person is or what happened to them was never revealed.

Speaking to Comic Book’s Phase Zero (opens in new tab) podcast, Shakman said: “In terms of the missing person, yeah there’s an answer for that, and, you know, hang in there.”

WandaVision generated a lot of buzz after fan theories went wild online, but hardly any of them proved true in the end. Speculation arose that Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards would be the aerospace engineer, that Dottie was Mephisto, that Evan Peters’ Quicksilver was a gateway to the multiverse, and that a massive cameo would be Doctor Strange or Magneto (it was Paul Bettany).

Jimmy Woo’s mystery seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit in the wake of these massive theories – but Shakman’s tease that it could actually be more important than it first appeared is very intriguing. While it’s doubtful that this missing person will turn out to be Quicksilver, or Doctor Strange, the fact that the question is going to be answered eventually means this missing person most likely has some significance to a future MCU story in Phase 4 or beyond.

WandaVision may have finished, but the MCU continues in a matter of days with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which lands on Disney Plus this March 19. It will be followed by Black Widow in May (assuming no more delays caused by the pandemic), and Loki in June. While you wait, check out the best Disney Plus prices and deals.

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