Hunting for a Black Friday Xbox Series X restock? Heres where to check first

Xbox Series X restocks may well take place during this year’s Black Friday Xbox Series X deals. While stock has been incredibly difficult to find in recent months, we’ve seen retailers launching more stock drops over the last few weeks, suggesting the warehouses are getting full ahead of the year’s biggest shopping weekend. 

If you’re on the hunt for an Xbox Series X restock, then, you’ll need to be in the right place at the right time, as things are going to get particularly competitive this week. 

GameStop (opens in new tab) is one of the few retailers to hint at more stock drops over the big day, with a recent tweet (opens in new tab) suggesting in-store Xbox Series X restocks due for this week. We’re just two days away from the main event now, so we’d recommend keeping a close eye on your local store for more updates. It’s been a while since GameStop offered the console, so there may well be a hefty supply waiting to get out in the wild. 

Amazon (opens in new tab) launched a surprise PS5 restock in the last 24 hours, which means there could be a chance of more Xbox stock dropping shortly. Amazon is a particularly tricky retailer to nail down, often dropping new stock at seemingly random moments and without much fanfare at all. You’ll want to keep a close eye here over the next couple of days, then. 

Walmart (opens in new tab) is the most recent retailer to offer an Xbox Series X restock, so we wouldn’t rely too heavily on another drop here. Similarly, Best Buy (opens in new tab)‘s last drop took place just over a week ago which means those reserves could be dry as well. Nevertheless, we were used to seeing regular weekly Xbox Series X restocks from this particular retailer, so it’s well worth keeping in touch here as well. 

Previous Xbox Series X restocks 

Xbox Series X restocks: our top tips

If you’re struggling to secure yourself a console in recent Xbox Series X restocks, we’d recommend you make sure you’re following some of the tips we’ve put together below. We’ve been tracking the new console since its launch last year, and these are the tricks that we’ve seen working in past stock drops. 

1. Sign in and save your details
Seconds are precious once your console is in your cart. Having your goodies sniped away from you before you have a chance to complete checkout is one of the more frustrating aspects of chasing Xbox Series X restocks. We’d recommend you sign in to your retailer accounts and save your payment details ahead of time so that you can sail through checkout. 

2. Stay in touch with retailers and trackers
You’ll need to be in the right place at the right time to catch an Xbox Series X restock over Black Friday, and that’s often impossible when there are so many retailers to watch. However, staying in regular contact with both retailers and stock trackers on social media will alert you to both new rumors and stock drops as soon as they happen. 

3. Keep refreshing
When you do find a live Xbox Series X restock, it’s important to keep refreshing even if you’re met with an out of stock notice. Retailers release these consoles in waves which means you’ll likely get another shot at a unit every few seconds. Open multiple tabs and keep reloading to give yourself the best chance.

4. Don’t give up
Xbox Series X restocks still take place frequently enough to warrant the reseller market redundant. It’s not worth spending over and above the MSRP of the console itself considering retailers are offering regular stock drops themselves. 

Check for Xbox Series X stock today

If you’re looking to kit out your new console, we’re also rounding up all the latest Black Friday Xbox headset deals and Black Friday Xbox Series X TV deals. That means you can save on everything you need for the ultimate setup in this week’s Black Friday gaming deals.

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