Humble Frozen Synapse bundle hits $1M in sales

Earnings for the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle have just passed the $1 million mark. That’s a hefty amount to be divided between Humble Bundle Inc, digital rights campaigners the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and gaming charity organization Child’s Play. The pack is still on sale at the signature pay-what-you-want price – but you’ve less than 24 hours to drive that total up a little further.

The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle comprises turn-based sci-fi strategy Frozen Synapse, chemistry-inspired puzzler SpaceChem, and bonus graphic adventure Trauma. Buyers who choose to contribute over the average price paid for the bundle (at time of writing, $4.79) get five bonus titles as well: fantasy puzzler Trine, shooter Shadowgrounds and its spinoff, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, a preorder for fantasy puzzler Splot, and the prototype for abandoned XBLA action-adventure Jack Claw. To give you some idea of the value of the pack, Frozen Synapse alone usually retails for $25.

Above: If you were as generous as Notch, maybe your picture would be here too

So far, ruling the “Top Contributors” list is Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson, throwing $2000 toward the Bundle. Cliff “ExpiredPopsicle” Jolly, of Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios, paid $1024. If you fancy making Notch and Jolly look stingy, by all means head to the Humble Bundle site (opens in new tab), and rush in with a late-game payment of however many thousands of dollars you see fit to contribute.

Oct 11, 2011

Source: Humble Bundle (opens in new tab)

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