Heres how to get a silenced rocket launcher in Metal Gear Solid 5

You know, despite taking place in a world with bipedal nuclear tanks, cyborg ninjas, and nanomachine-controlled clones, I never thought of the Metal Gear Solid universe as a place where silenced rocket launchers existed. I was wrong though, as you can clearly see such a weapon being demonstrated below in Metal Gear Solid 5 (opens in new tab): The Phantom Rocket– I mean… Pain.

Before you run off and declare “HAX!!,” know that this isn’t someone modifying the game’s files, but rather exploiting a glitch. Basically, you trick the game into thinking you’re modifying a different weapon that can hold a chosen attachment (such as a silencer) when in fact you’re modifying a weapon that typically can’t hold the attachment. It’s been shown to work on PC, but it’s unclear right now if the bug can be replicated on console. In any case, here’s how you do it:

Start by selecting a weapon that is compatible with the attachment you want. Select and equip said attachment. Exit out of that weapon, and choose a rocket launcher. Left-click – and it has to be left-click, don’t hit Enter or the Spacebar – on the chosen attachment’s category, which should bring you to an empty list of attachments. If it says “none,” the glitch isn’t working. Left-click the same attachment you had on the previous gun, and it should work.

For a more specific example, check out (opens in new tab) Reddit user DutchMuffin’s description of the process.

The nice part is, it doesn’t sound like this will corrupt your save, unlike the Quiet bug that was recently patched (opens in new tab). Still, be careful out there, Boss. You’re tampering with forces that weren’t meant to be tampered with. (Okay, so you’re basically navigating the menus in a different way. This is Metal Gear – I’m sticking with the melodramatic phrasing.)

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