Horizon Forbidden West player finds a great spot to view (almost) the entire map in one go

A Horizon Forbidden West player has found the perfect spot to showcase the best view of the map from the top of a mountain.

Since its release, players of Horizon Forbidden West have been posting their photos of the surrounding landscapes or selfies of Aloy online, but none have yet shown the game’s world quite like this. Reddit user u/onlylaiden shared the magnificent attention to detail put into designing the world of Forbidden West in this short clip. From here, they are able to see far and wide, and further details are clear when drawing Aloy’s long-range weapon. They are able to spot four (out of six) Tallnecks without having to travel the usual distances in between, which gives players a better sense of the map’s layout. 

Although these 61ft giants aren’t hard to miss when closeup, the game is still able to show them clearly from far away while still alluding to their size compared to the world around them.  

Guerrilla Games has really outdone itself, as the clarity with which objects from far away can be viewed is breathtaking. From the mountain top, the Tallnecks and their surrounding area can be seen clearly, from the green soils of Plainsong to the desert of Scalding Spear. 

Horizon Forbidden West is peppered with hidden details that players have been stumbling onto. One player shared his experience flying on the back of a Sunwing and Aloy making a cute friend. Other players are more attracted to the warrior side of Aloy, and they try to one-up each other. One managed to inflict 5,000 damage shots onto a Tremortusk, a massive elephant-like robot, while the other sets the high score by achieving 40,000 damage with a single arrow

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