Heres the 50+ titles confirmed for PlayStation VR so far

Sony confirmed at last week’s PlayStation conference that more than 200 development studios are busying away creating games for PlayStation VR. Now a post from ZilliVanillii (opens in new tab) on Reddit (opens in new tab) has gathered more than 50 titles that we know are definitely on the way for the (still) release date free virtual reality headset.

You can see the full list below and some handy highlights in the gallery above. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not all ‘games’ per se and includes listings like the Paranormal Activity experience but this isn’t a bad showing at all. What’s also reassuring about VR, rather than less successful add-ons such as the EyeToy, is the existence of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Developers are creating for VR across the board, opening up a huge number of potential studios working on VR-enabled content that can happily skip onto PS4.

Something like Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes – bomb defusing with friends – was originally created for Oculus Rift but is coming to PlayStation VR. Surgeon Simulator is the same. The Oculus development kit has almost been a testing ground for games that can jump the PC to console gap. This makes it a hell of an exciting time as more devs do the same.

Then there’s the specific PlayStation content. Supermassive Games Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood (opens in new tab) is a perfect example of Sony using its own horror IP for an enticing standalone experience. Add in Gran Turismo Sport and Tekken 7 – no, I have no idea how that will work either – and VR has some seriously big names in its corner that will hopefully offer up more than just your standard tech demos.

• Atom Universe
• Adrift
• Allison Road
• ARK: Survival Evolved
• Among the Sleep
• The Assembly
• Battlezone
• Crystal Rift
• Danganronpa VR
• Dead or Alive Xtreme 3
• Dead Secret
• Dynasty Warriors 8 VR
• The Deep
• Dreams
• Driveclub
• The Earthlight Project
• EVE: Valkyrie
• Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward
• Futuridium
• Get Even
• Godling
• Gran Turismo Sport
• Harmonix Music VR
• Hatsune Miku Project
• Headmaster
• The Hum
• IOMoon
• JoysoundVR
• Jurassic Encounter
• Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
• Loading Human
• The London Heist
• Megaton Rainfall
• Mind: Path to Thalamus
• Omega Agent
• Paranormal Activity VR
• P.O.L.L.E.N
• The Playroom VR
• Project CARS
• Q.U.B.E.²
• Rigs: Mechanized Combat League
• Robinson: The Journey
• Summer Lesson
• Superhypercube
• Surgeon Simulator
• Synthesis Universe• Technolust
• Tekken 7
• Trackmania Turbo
• Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
• Vanguard V
• VizionEck
• War Thunder
• Wayward Sky
• World War Toons

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Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

Rush Of Blood is a standalone game from Until Dawn but features plenty of the nasties from the Sony exclusive teen slasher. Expect buckets of gory on rails action and jump scares aplenty.

Robinson: The Journey

This is Crytek’s offering to the VR sacrifice table and what we’ve seen so far looks right up my Jurassic Park themed street. A young boy has crash landed on a strange planet and must explore and interact with a new strange world. And yes, it has big teeth.

Tekken 7

Exactly how Tekken 7 will work with VR is anyone’s guess and Sony wasn’t particularly forthcoming with specifics but it’s definitely on the way. Hopefully there’ll be more information soon.

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