Beyond: Two Souls announced by Quantic Dream, starring actress Ellen Page

David Cage kicks off Sony’s E3 press conference by revealing his next title, Beyond: Two Souls, a game that explores what we know about life and beyond.

“Death is the biggest mystery to mankind,” he explains. The game stars Jody Holmes, voiced and acted by actress Ellen Page (Juno), who shares a link with an entity that exists between our world and the other side. Cage said that Jody’s story will span the course of 15 years, as she discovers more about what lies beyond.

“For the first time in a video game, we will leave the life of the character…go with her through happy and difficult times, and help her become who she is,” Cage said.

In the haunting demo, one of the first scenes in the game, we see Jody, sitting quietly at the police station as an officer attempts to get through to her. She remains quiet, but something is clearly troubling her. The cop tells her that he found her on the side of the road and wants to help her. He eventually gives up when a mug flies off his desk suddenly and smashes against the wall.

The officer steps out, and Jody says to someone (who is clearly not in the room physically) that she knows what’s coming. A SWAT team storms into the building, gathering outside the door to the room.

The next part of the demo cuts to images of huge explosions, angry dogs, crumbling buildings, cars flipping, and glimpses of some supernatural powers. Jody is clearly the one being chased, and in a brief scene threatens to kill everyone the next time.

Described by Cage using words such as “emotional, mature, unique, epic, spectacular,” it looks like we’ll be seeing something incredible and new in the months to come.

Stay tuned for more info.

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