Harvestella brings Final Fantasy art and combat to the Stardew Valley lifestyle

Harvestella, a new RPG and farm sim mashup, blends a Stardew Valley agrarian lifestyle with combat that feels like something out of Final Fantasy, and it’s set for release on November 4, 2022. 

A new trailer, released during a Nintendo Direct Mini showcase, leans into the farming simulator influences of Harvestella early on, which should appear familiar to Stardew Valley fans. You fill farming crops daily, collect materials on your travels, and look after animals. You can also chat to the local villagers of Lethe and cook a hearty meal to bid farewell to each day. 

Like other farming simulators, you’ve also got different seasons, such as spring, summer, fall, and winter. Things begin to look like Final Fantasy, though, when the season of death, Quietus, arrives – crops wither, an evil force threatens life, and it’s up to you to find a way to stop it from happening.

You won’t be going on your journey alone, though. You encounter comrades such as a missionary called Shirka, a “flirtatious and handsome mechanic” called Heine, and a mysterious girl hailing from the future called Aria.

We also glimpse action-based combat, which gives us strong Atelier vibes. You’ll be able to swap through various jobs on the fly – the fighter uses swift sword techniques, the Shadow Walker uses twin blades, and the Mage specialises in magic attacks. If you want to make quick work of enemies, target their weak points or use a Double Break attack.

Harvestella releases on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on November 4, 2022. 

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