Halo 4: See the first new video in almost a year!

“What do we keep? What do we throw away? What do we add?”

For the first time in a decade, Halo is poised to evolve, and this behind-the-scenes documentary from new developer 343 Industries is our first truly in-depth look at what major changes could be in store for the series. Listen to the creators discuss their darker, more sophisticated and story-driven vision of Master Chief’s future, but also watch carefully for tantalizing new glimpses of Halo 4’s multiplayer, weapons, vehicles, SPARTAN armor and even facial animation.

What part of the above video has you most excited for Halo 4? And what are you still dying to see revealed? Share your impressions – or your fanboy hate, if that’s your thing – in the comments below.

For a slideshow of all the best screen grabs and developer quotes from the trailer,
head here!

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