Green Lantern gets $9 million to fix special effects

We’re less than two months away from seeing Ryan Reynolds in action as Green Lantern , but only if his suit is ready in time.

Warner Brothers has poneyed-up a last minute extra $9 million to ‘fix’ the visual FX – specifically, the entirely CGI Green Lantern suit.

The VFX shown in the first trailer did little to excite fans and the footage shown at WonderCon, whilst an improvement, showed that there was still work to be done, especially on Reynolds’ facemask.

The extra dough should give the production team the leeway they need to make sure everything is perfect for the film’s June 17th release date.

Whether this means there has been an ‘end of days’, ‘everything is going wrong’ style panic in the Green Lantern camp, or simply that Warner Bros. have recognised a problem and are going about fixing it is unknown.

Either way, Green Lantern hits cinemas June 17 2011.

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