Ghostwire: Tokyo wont come to Xbox Series X for at least 12 months

Ghostwire: Tokyo will not launch on Xbox consoles until March 2023.

In a lengthy showcase for Ghostwire: Tokyo released last night, we got a look at protagonist Akito battling his way through the titular city. The trailer highlights combat, exploration, and more, but ends on what might prove a slightly sour note for Xbox Series X and Xbox One players planning to jump into the Japanese capital.

The final shot of the video confirms Ghostwire: Tokyo as a PS5 console exclusive. That in itself is no suprise – Bethesda’s exclusivity deals for both this game and Deathloop were the cause of significant discussion after Microsoft’s acquisition of parent company Zenimax last year.

An footnote, however, confirms that Ghostwire: Tokyo will also be available on PC, but will not be available on other consoles “until at least 03/25/23.” That means that it won’t make its way to Xbox platforms until on or after March 25 next year, a full 12 months after its PlayStation and PC release.

A year-long timed exclusivity period seems pretty standard for a case like this – Deathloop received a similar message, noting that it wouldn’t release on Xbox until 12 months after its PS5 and PC release in September 2021 – but it’s useful to get official confirmation.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is the second and last of Bethesda’s upcoming slate of games that will be launching on PS5, as Microsoft has repeatedly hinted that future titles – including Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 – will be Xbox console exclusives. That could mean that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be the last Bethesda game to ever make its way to PlayStation platforms, at least at launch, but we’ll have to wait and see for confirmation of that.

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