GameStop has some sweet gaming t-shirts for $9

Cyber Monday gaming deals have no right to be this stylish, but alas, these $9 t-shirts from GameStop look like something you might find in a designer boutique. 

Alright, we might’ve gotten a little carried away with that comparison, but to our eyes these t-shirts are pretty sweet! They have designs inspired by popular games like Animal Crossing, Super Mario Bros., and Kirby, as well as pop culture more generally including horror mangaka Junji Ito, the animated series Rick and Morty, and Disney Plus’s The Mandalorian. The designs are also just really unique and even quite tasteful.

We’ve tested a few of these shirts ourselves (you know, for research purposes) and found them to be high-quality duds that wash well and don’t wear out. And for $9 (down from $21.99) they’re really quite the steal, so if you’re after a last-minute Cyber Monday gaming deal, or, let’s be real, if you’re in the mood to impulse buy some cheap shirts, you could do a whole lot worse.

Here are some of our favorites from GameStop’s catalog:

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Hello Kitty Cup Noodles t-shirt| $21.99 $9 at GameStop (opens in new tab)
Save $13 – This adorable t-shirt features Hello Kitty tucking into some Cup Noodles like a college kid, which is a crossover we didn’t know we needed.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Friends t-shirt | $21.99 $9 at GameStop (opens in new tab)
Save $13 – Ensure Tom Nook, Isabelle, Timmy, and Tommy are always with you with this stylish white tee. This is one example of how these shirts do justice to their fandoms with subtle, almost elegant designs.

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Junji Ito House of the Marionettes Puppets t-shirt | $21.99 $9 at GameStop (opens in new tab)
Save $13 –
Junji Ito’s revered brand of macabre manga translates really well to clothing, it turns out. It might scare your nephew, but it’ll also open him up to a wonderfully dark world of horror.

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Kirby Food Kanji t-shirt | $21.99 $9 at GameStop (opens in new tab)
Save $13 –
Kirby’s full of cartoony food and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. We’re particularly partial to the bright blue kanji plastered across the chest.

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SpongeBob and Patrick t-shirt | $21.99 $9 at GameStop (opens in new tab)
Save $13 –
We’re not sure how Spongebob and Patrick got themselves into this situation – or why they seem to be shouting something in Japanese – but it’s probably because they were doing something stupid. Either way, this shirt is sick.

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DBZ Baby Goku t-shirt | $21.99 $9 at GameStop (opens in new tab)
Save $13 –
This is one of the ones that’s been GamesRadar approved – it’s soft, high-quality, and baby Goku is just so friggin’ cute.

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Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Spaceship | $21.99 $9 at GameStop (opens in new tab)
Save $13 – It’s Baby Yoda looking as cute as ever – need we say more?

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