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“I’ve never seen Princess Mononoke” by Rob Power

Like kiwi fruit or interpretive dance, anime is something I have little experience of. I wish I knew why. I’ve been trying – and largely failing, it must be said – to nail down the reasoning behind this bizarre cultural gap. I’ve no aversion to animated features, no crippling fear of girls with big eyes, nothing; there’s just no rhyme or reason to it. As a life-long science fiction and fantasy fan, I’ve got no excuses. I’ve regularly encountered anime fans willing to point me in the right direction. I know what the classics are and where to find them. And yet, every time my hand hovered over Akira or Spirited Away , I ended up gravitating towards something else, usually involving aliens, ninjas, or aliens killing ninjas. The longer I left it, the more distracted I became. Anime had been crowded off of my radar by louder, brasher beasts that grabbed my attention with action sequences and explosions, until eventually any curiosity I had withered away. Thankfully, Princess Mononoke was sent to save me from myself…

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