First Modern Warfare 3 DLC screenshot compared with actual real-life location

Yesterday we got the news that Modern Warfare 3’s first DLC will hit Xbox 360 at the end of January. You can read about it in the news story that we posted. We also got a single screenshot of a map called Park. We looked at that screenshot and immediately thought that it looked like an actual real-life location in New York’s Central Park. And we were right. It does – it looks just like the Angel of the Waters fountain and Bethesda Terrace. Have a look with your eyes:

The real-life version looks better because it’s real-life. There are a few differences between the real-life and not real-life versions. In the Modern Warfare 3 version the winged figure is facing away from the arches, the fountain is smaller and there are a load of skyscrapers behind the trees. It’s a shame the water fountain isn’t working in the Modern Warfare 3 version because that would make for some good water splash effects with explosions and bullets and things like that and you could camp out and snipe people from under water. Also if you had a skateboard you could do some sweet grinds.

Have you ever been to the Angel of the Waters fountain and Bethesda Terrace in New York’s Central Park? What was it like? Do you think it’ll make a good location for a Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer map? Did you meet anyone famous? Tell us in the comments.

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