Exclusive: Watch Filths infamous Angus deleted scene

We’ve got our hands on an exclusive deleted scene from the absolutely fantastic Filth (opens in new tab) – but, be warned, like the film itself, it’s not for the faint of heart.

The adults in the audience will probably understand what we mean when we say it combines a lady of the night, a farm, a dog, and a payoff that involves James McAvoy’s leg.

It goes without saying that it’s NSFW (in fact, many fans of the book will recognise the ‘Angus’ scene by its shocking in-novel appearance), and not suitable for anyone born the year after Trainspotting (opens in new tab) hit cinemas.

Watch the hilarious / disturbing deleted scene below, then pick-up the Filth DVD / Blu-ray, which is out next week.

Warning: It’s age-gated on account of all the rudey, raunchiness below.

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