Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Her immortalized in fan art after carrying countless Tarnished in Malenias fight

Elden Ring local legend Let Me Solo Her has become so famous that others are making artworks and models in their image.

Over the past few days, one player has risen to stardom among the sprawling Elden Ring community. Dubbed Let Me Solo Her, this player pops up in front of Malenia’s boss arena and straight-up asks others to let them solo one of the most difficult bosses in the entire game, even when she’s beefed up from multiplayer scaling. 

As you can see below, they’ve reached icon status practically overnight. Grateful Elden Ring players are composing fan art of the character, complete with their pot helmet, their loincloth, and their two katanas. It takes a lot to rise to the top of a game filled with so many fascinating discoveries, but this player has somehow managed it. 

The multiplayer component to Fromsoft games is fairly modest compared to most games, and yet it’s so damn elegant that one player who helps others get past Elden Ring’s hardest boss is being mythologized and revered by the community pic.twitter.com/bZtzZs6lyxApril 13, 2022

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Players are using more than simple fan art to express their adoration of this player, too; there are even fully sculpted, 3D models of Let Me Solo Her. To think that someone actually sculpted and painted this model of the player, all in well under 24 hours, is absolutely mind blowing. Now that’s a statue worthy of such a stoic hero.

In fact, there have even been other players who have stepped up to rival Let Me Solo Her. Earlier today it was discovered that Let Me Solo Him is going round killing Mohg, Lord of Blood for some people, very much in the image of Let Me Solo Her. Beyond fan art, it appears they’ve also inspired some pretty dedicated acts of jolly cooperation among the Elden Ring community.

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