Doctor Who “The Almost People” Spoiler Free Preview

A few vague and cryptic clues about what to expect of next week’s episode

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1 It’s a compelling, solid action/adventure episode, with a few irritating moments that don’t quite gel and some lapses in logic. If anything, it feels a little small scale and never really steps up a gear to a level you’d expect from a two-parter, but at least that means it can deal with its themes a little more thoroughly and concentrate on the characters.

2 The denoument is character based rather than technobabble based

3 The last couple of minutes are riveting.

4 The Doctor has a great John Culshaw moment

5 There’s some new footage – not just “story so far” clips – before the opening credits

6 Random words from the script: “Breathe” “Yowzer” “Mirage” “Bad boy” “Bisucuits” “Burnt onions” “Pop”

7 There’s a very Dali moment

8 The Doctor appeals to someone’s better nature

9 Rory makes a mistake

10There’s a lovely reference back to “The Doctor’s Wife”

11 The Doctor is very scary at a couple of points

12 Amy voices something that may have been on the veiwers’ minds if they’ve been following the series

13 The theme of prejudice and the nature of the gangers are explored in a number of effective dialogue exchanges

14 The Doctor once won a bet in a very unusual fashion

15 The Doctor asks Amy to do something he also asked her to do in the last series

16 Some waste product has a profound affect on Rory

17 There are some very icky FX

18 Somebody has a big mouth

19 The music at one point is very Blade Runner

20The TARDIS makes a very unusual landing

21 By the end of the episode you be left trying to work out when something that clearly happened actually happened

22 There’s a very random balloon

23 The TARDIS is better medically equipped than in “Curse Of The Black Spot”.

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