Developer of infamous horror game Devotion is making a storytelling app to help people get up on time

Horror developer Red Candle Games is making a storytelling app.

In a decidedly different project from that of Devotion or Detention, the Taiwan-based developer has partnered with digital design company Fourdesire for the new venture. The app, called Book Morning!, is essentially a storytelling device aimed at invigorating people in the morning for the day ahead.

Fourdesire and Red Candle Games term this “playful wellness.” The user becomes the assistant of Dr. Wakey through Book Morning!, and is tasked with getting up on time each day to unlock brand new stories to read through in the mornings. There are currently three stories to unlock and read through via the app.

Red Candle Games’s projects have tackled tough subjects in the past, like military invasion in Detention, and the stories aren’t straying away from this focus, with one of them in particular, called Far as Cielo, studying racial oppression in time of war. There’s also a “suspenseful campus” story called The Last Cat Alive, and sci-fi story No Place Like Home, which was actually adapted from a previous Fourdesire app called Walkr.

Book Morning! will be available to download for both iOS and Android devices around the world later this month on March 24. It’s really quite impressive that Red Candle Games has ventured into entirely new territory with a storytelling app, but still maintained its real-life narrative focus that fans have been absorbed by through games like Detention and Devotion.

As for the Taiwan-based developers other projects, Nine Sols is still in the works. This action-platformer, inspired by FromSoftware’s excellent Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, was announced back in December 2021, and is described by the developer as a “lore-rich hand-drawn 2D action platformer.”

Head over to our Red Candle Games interview from 2020 for thoughts on the developer after Devotion.

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