Deus Ex improvements exclusive to Wii U version – first trailer

The various improvements featured in the Wii U version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution look set to be exclusive to Nintendo’s platform, according to Eidos Montréal’s Emile Pedneault, game designer on the upcoming Director’s Cut.

Square Enix announced the game last month, when it said that it’ll offer “overhauled boss fights, refined game balance and combat, improved AI, and striking visual improvements which make this edition the best looking and most immersive Deus Ex experience available”.

It will also include the entire Missing Link DLC chapter and former pre-order bonus mission Tongs’s Rescue, “a full slate of Wii U GamePad features including touch-screen hacking, interactive map editing, augmented sniping, grenade throwbacks and many other neural hub enhancements”, plus Miiverse integration.

And Director’s Cut game designer Emile Pedneault has told Penny Arcade that the team is not currently planning to offer any of the new Wii U features for the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC versions of the game.

He added: “Right now, this is the best-looking Deus Ex. It’s even sharper than the PC version.” Pedneault also said: “Our goal right off the bat was not to make a port. We really wanted to take this opportunity working on the game again to just change what was ehh, so-so with the game and bring some new features to the game.” You can check out some of the improvements in today’s debut trailer, which is posted above. Square Enix’s official line is that the game is “coming soon”.

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