Destiny 2 charity toaster has received mixed feedback from the community

A Destiny 2 charity toaster has been announced but some players are not happy about it. 

Yesterday, in association with charity event GCX, Bungie unveiled the long-awaited Jotunn-themed Toaster. Jotunn is an exotic fusion rifle in Destiny 2, and it became lovingly referred to as a toaster by the community because… well, it looks a little like a toaster. 

Jumping on the community naming, during last year’s GCX, Bungie pledged if the community raised $777,777.77, it would create a toaster. And here we are. 

The toaster is available for $85, which will net you the toaster, a sandwich box and a ridiculous(ly awesome) bread-themed emblem in-game. It also toasts a Bungie logo on the bread, which is fun. In this week’s This Week at Bungie (opens in new tab), it was also announced that 10% of all profits would be going to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. You can pre-order the toaster right here (opens in new tab).

Well, some in the community are pretty mad about it. The first complaint is that the toaster revealed doesn’t really look like the Jotunn. It has the Rasmussen Black Armory theme but just on a regular toaster. It’s not helped that some community created toasters do match the look of the gun.  (opens in new tab)

Addressing this on the Destiny Reddit (opens in new tab), community manager dmg04 explained the process of mass-producing the toaster made matching the gun to the toaster complicated. He said: “We saw a bunch of pretty cool concept from players, but the realities of production/manufacturing would have made it nearly impossible to execute.”

“This happens pretty often in game dev – fans share a fun concept from photoshop or a 3d program, but it doesn’t easily transfer to a game or product. Something that’s felt to be simple because it takes three clicks in an image editor can end up taking months of time and massively inflated cost when actually developing a user interface, armor set, or in this case… a toaster.”

Another complaint being leveled at the poor kitchen appliance is that it looks very similar to toasters from Uncanny Brands which sells all kinds of licensed toasters (opens in new tab), but usually $50 cheaper. However Bungie hasn’t confirmed who is manufacturing the toaster, so Uncanny Brands may not be involved. 

Thirdly, some players are complaining that Bungie made a toaster before making a new PvP map. A post on Reddit making the comparison currently has 5.3k upvotes (opens in new tab)(though it is marked as satire, so it’s hard to tell how tongue-in-cheek it is). The PvP community has not had a new map to play in since the launch of Shadowkeep, and the release of the toaster is adding some kindling to that frustration. 

Of course, it’s important to note that the manufacturing/merchandising team and the game development team are likely separate entities, so the toaster will likely not have had any impact on the development of Destiny 2. 

Of course, if you’d like to support GCX’s charitable efforts without buying the toaster, you can donate here. At certain donation amounts, there are also some goodies available like a Destiny 2 emblem. 

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