Deathloop dev Q&A session taking place next week

A Deathloop Q&A between developers of the game and fans is taking place next week.

Just below, developer Arkane announced that there would be a forthcoming AMA (ask me anything) session with the developers behind Deathloop next week on July 30. The session will be kicking off next Friday, July 30, at approximately 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET/5 p.m. BST, where a select number of developers from Arkane’s Lyon studio in France will be on hand to answer questions from fans.

Want to know more about DEATHLOOP’s combat mechanics and abilities? Join us in the Arkane Discord server Friday, July 30 at 12pm ET for the second live AMA with members of the Arkane Lyon dev team! 21, 2021

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Rather than taking place on Reddit or another forum-based social media platform though, the AMA session for Deathloop is going to be taking place in the official Arkane Discord server. You’re going to have to try and gain access to the server by next Friday if you want to be in with a chance of having your question answers by the developers of the game (and you can join the server right here (opens in new tab)).

This should be an absolutely brilliant session with some of the best minds in the entire video games industry. For one, Arkane level designer Dana Nightingale confirmed on Twitter (opens in new tab) that she’d be taking part in the upcoming AMA session, which is a fantastic opportunity for fans to ask questions of the storied level designer who was chiefly responsible for the mind-bending Clockwork Mansion level from Dishonored 2.

This session should be primarily focusing on the combat mechanics and abilities found within Deathloop. Much like Dishonored, we’ve already seen some pretty whacky abilities at play in former gameplay demos and trailers, like protagonist Colt teleporting short distances and being able to throw enemies and objects short distances.

While it was originally scheduled to launch earlier this year in May, Arkane’s Deathloop will now be launching later this year on September 14 as a timed PS5 console exclusive. This means there’s still well over a month to apply to be an Arkane Outsider, a member of the community who can earn exclusive in-game rewards, like this flashy redesigned outfit for Colt.

For where to place for order for Arkane’s game at the cheapest price point possible, head over to our Deathloop pre-order guide for more.

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