Get the best Death Stranding price – here are the cheapest deals on the Directors Cut and standard edition

Now is a great time to get the best Death Stranding (opens in new tab) price – with the Director’s Cut recently announced for this September, 24, there’s never been a better time to nail down a PS5-shaped first experience into Hideo Kojima’s latest, or try and find a cheaper way to do so through a PS4 price for the game.

What with its beautiful and expansive landscape, unique play, and intriguing narrative (to say the least), Death Stranding is still the perfect game for these strange real-world times. It’s the perfect time to bag yourself a copy of one of the generation’s most interesting, divisive, and original games.

For a whole heap of background info, you can read our Death Stranding review (opens in new tab) which is chock full of insights. In it, Leon says “The groundbreaking visuals create a beautiful world, and there’s an incredible atmosphere when you reach a great view or take a moment to bathe in the glory of the snow-crusted mountain you’ve just scaled. When the setting, progress, and music combine it is a mood.” It is a long journey but there is a seriously thought-provoking experience in the game if you wish to find it.

Since its release at the end of 2019, it has granted award nominations and has, whichever way you cut it, brought a lot to games discussion in recent months, whether you were a fan or not. It’s also been the recipient of large post-launch updates to its interface and systems, such as the addition of a photo mode (opens in new tab).

Anyway, you’re here because you want the best Death Stranding price going. As there’s a range of options available to you, along with other items to consider, we have detailed and laid out the key variations and information below. This will give you a broad and clear view to decide which edition is for you and give you all the tools you need to successfully bag the best Death Stranding price for you.

Death Stranding price – Director’s Cut

Death Stranding Director's Cut

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

The ‘full-fat PS5 Director’s Cut is available for pre-order right now (and releases on September 24 this year)and it’s at a relatively reasonable price – particularly if this will be your first venture into Kojima’s latest game. The PS5 Director’s Cut will have features making full use of the new-gen console, such as a Performance mode and native 4K resolution, 3D Audio, and DualSense support. It’s also wise to note that this will offer an expanded experience of the game with never-before-seen content that’s exclusive to the Director’s Cut. 

Important note: If you own the PS4 game already, you can upgrade to the Director’s Cut for a $10 fee via the PlayStation Store.

Death Stranding price – Standard Edition

Death Stranding price - Standard Edition

(Image credit: Sony)

Get Death Stranding in its simplest, cleanest way with the standard edition. This will still bag you all the mainly-gold-themed digital goodies mentioned above and a hard, physical copy of the game for PS4. Lovely.

Death Stranding prices – Special Edition

Death Stranding prices - Special Edition

(Image credit: Sony)

For Death Stranding fans who want something distinct from a totally vanilla copy of the game but not quite the extravagance of the Collector’s Edition, then the Special Edition is the one to go for. Again, if you can find it, then this one will get you:

  • The full PS4 game
  • A steelbook case
  • Timefall pack of music and behind the scenes footage
  • In-game Luden’s Mask sunglasses

Death Stranding prices – Collector’s Edition

Death Stranding prices - Collector's Edition

(Image credit: Sony)

The biggest beast of all Death Stranding deals on offer, the Collector’s Edition is the boldest and biggest way to celebrate Hideo Kojima’s next epic. If you can find it in stock, the Collector’s Edition gets you: 

  • The full PS4 game
  • A steelbook case
  • The BB pod statue
  • A Ludens Key ring
  • A BRIDGES Cargo Case
  • Timefall pack of music and behind the scenes footage
  • Additional in-game items (see below)
  • Ten PS4 Avatars

Death Stranding prices – PS4 Pro console

Death Stranding price - PS4 Pro

(Image credit: Sony)

This is an excellent opportunity to embrace the best PS4 machine going right now if you haven’t already. With a seriously unique design on the PS4 Pro machine itself, a strangely gold DualShock 4 controller – mirroring the materials and coloring of Sam’s in-game baby holder – and a physical copy of the game itself, this is package for serious fans, looking for something seriously unique.

This limited edition console is available at a couple of places in the US, whereas its a GAME exclusive in the UK.

US Death Stranding PS4 Pro links

UK Death Stranding PS4 Pro links

Death Stranding prices – Other Items

(Image credit: Sony/Kojima Productions)

Aside from the PS4 Pro above, there is an art book available for ordering now too. Given the quality of the companion art books of Kojima’s other games, this book is going to be a must-have, covering development, concept art, lore information and more. It’s certainly an excellent companion to any of the game editions above.

US links

UK links

Getting the most out of Death Stranding

Naturally, the best way to enjoy you’re Death Stranding deal is going to be with the most optimal PlayStation setup as you can possibly manage. This means – if the limited edition console above doesn’t appeal – you’ll want to check out the best PS4 Pro deals (opens in new tab) to get the best out of the game’s visuals. To enhance this further, it might well be worth considering one of the best gaming TVs (opens in new tab) to soak up every detail and shade of those environments as well. And finally, ensure you have a gaming sound system (opens in new tab) that will fill the room with the game’s audio or go for one of the best PS4 headsets (opens in new tab).

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