CoD: Advanced Warfares shocking new weapons hit Xbox season pass

OHM-M-G! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (opens in new tab) season pass holders on Xbox 360 and Xbox One can get their hands on the brand-new OHM hybrid weapons ahead of the next expansion. The OHM, and the even deadlier sounding OHM-Werewolf, are part of the upcoming Ascendance DLC.

But while the expansion is yet to receive a release date, season pass folk are free to wield its starring firearm in multiplayer combat. Cue thousands of those without it screaming ‘CHEAT GUN’ down their headsets.

OHM is one part LMG and one part shotgun that can be switched on-the-fly and packs electricity rounds to frazzle your opponent’s brains. The OHM-Werewolf is exactly the same, but has a custom paint-job and a wolf drawn on it. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Although Advanced Warfare is already stacked with a hefty arsenal, these hybrid beasts do look a cut above the rest. Check this trailer out to see what I mean…

In addition to the early gun access, Sledgehammer has also announced Master Prestige ranks. This new system allows players who have already maxed out their Prestige levels to equip new gear and continue to earn more XP.

The update is currently live for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, but PlayStation fans will have to wait until next week to carry on levelling up.

Complete the 15 levels of Master Prestige and you’ll unlock Grand Master Prestige and this snazzy purple gearset. You might say it’s Grandmaster Flash-y! No? Suit yourself then.

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