Cannes 2011: Britain gets A Prophet with Feltham

A Prophet made big waves when it premiered in Cannes two years ago, and Revolver Entertainment are hoping to take a slice of the same cake with British prison drama Feltham .

The film is about a young man who gets himself incarcerated at the young offender’s institute in Feltham, London, in order to avenge the rape of his girlfriend.

Gunslinger (UK distributor Revolver’s production arm) has lined up Shank screenwriter Paul Van Carter and director Ron Scalpello for the pic, which is set to start shooting late summer.

Whether this will turn out to be the British A Prophet , or just ‘ A Prophet with chavs’ the same way Shank was ‘District 13 with chavs’ remains to be seen.

Gunslinger’s films to date, the first being Shank , the second was this year’s Anuvahood – a likeable if not particularly ambitious urban comedy, are both aimed squarely at ‘the youth audience’, which should give you some idea what they are aiming for.

Feltham will be released in 2012.

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