Call of Duty: Warzone rewards players with Sai melee weapons in Numbers event

Call of Duty: Warzone Numbers event is now live. 

Bringing back a storyline from the original Black Ops, the Numbers event can be played in either Warzone or Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. According to a blog post (opens in new tab) explaining the event on the official Call of Duty website, operators are hearing an unfamiliar voice reciting numbers in their earpieces as well as seeing number hallucinations as they navigate various maps. 

The Numbers Event is GO! 🚦Towers are operational 🔊 Activate and report back with intel in #Warzone. Execute challenges in #BlackOpsColdWar. Rewards await. 21, 2021

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As part of the event, nine new challenges have been added to both games. These challenges require players to find and activate nine listening stations that have been scattered around the Verdansk map. By completing all nine challenges in either one of the games, players will be rewarded with a new melee weapon, the dual-wield Sai. Each challenge will also give players smaller rewards such as in-game cash, calling cards, and more. 

The event is now live in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War however will only be available to play until October 5 at 9PM PT / 5AM BST (Black Ops Cold War) and October 6 at 9PM PT / 5AM BST (Warzone)

Alongside The Numbers event, Black Ops developer Treyarch has also introduced a new Outbreak mode known as Outbreak Survival. In this new mode, players will be armed with only a 1911 pistol, no mini-map, limited HUD elements, restricted Blueprint access, and no auto-health regen. As listed in Treyarch’s blog post (opens in new tab), in this new version of Outbreak players will need to prove their survival skills as they not only survive the onslaught of zombies but also have to scavenge for food items in order to replenish their health.  

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