New Call of Duty: Warzone ban wave brings the grand total of banned players to 475,000

Update, April 14: The Call of Duty: Warzone ban wave has struck again, this time claiming over 30,000 cheaters and hackers.

Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software announced the new wave of bans just earlier this week on April 12. As you can see in the tweet below, this new ban wave of over 30,000 players follows on from the initial wave of over 15,000 accounts being banned at the beginning of April, bringing the grand total of banned players in Warzone to right around 475,000.

🚫 30,000 more bans today 🚫The fight against cheating in #Warzone continues. 12, 2021

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We know this grand figure thanks to a detailed anti-cheating report published earlier this week by Warzone developer Raven Software. The statistics were revealed alongside the ban wave on April 12 earlier this week, and you can now read the detailed report for yourself over on the official Call of Duty website (opens in new tab).

The report also reveals that this week’s ban wave was the game’s seventh high-volume ban since February earlier this year. Raven Software also reveals that they have people working seven days a week on issuing bans, and that larger ban waves like the one that occurred earlier this week are now their immediate focus for the foreseeable future.

Update, April 7: Another banwave has hit Call of Duty: Warzone, with developer Raven Software stating that 15,000 accounts have been banned.

In a recent tweet, the studio said that a new ban wave had hit, and that “another 15,000 accounts” had been banned, with “more to come” in future. This isn’t the most punishments the developer has handed down in one go – 60,000 accounts were banned in February – but it’s a significant number of players, and larger than the 13,000-strong wave that arrived in late March.

New #Warzone ban wave today. Another 15,000 accounts banned. More to come.April 7, 2021

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Warzone has consistently struggled with the effects of various hacks and exploits in recent months. As well as a number of cheats, some players have been able to take advantage of the infamous stim glitch or the the ability to turn invisible to other players. All that, combined with the stagnating effects of the DMR/Mac-10 and FFAR/AUG metas, has lead some players to kickstart the ‘Fix Warzone’ campaign, changing their in-game clans to reflect their concerns.

Original story, March 23: Raven Software has announced another Call of Duty: Warzone banwave, this time dropping its unforgiving banhammer on another 13,000 cheaters.

This comes just a week after the studio revealed a banwave that removed an unspecified number of players. Last month, Raven Software cleaned house of a massive 60,000 Warzone cheaters and committed to monthly updates on further progress. At the time, the total number of Warzone cheaters banned since launch reached 300,000 and since then, we’ve seen a handful of additional banwaves potentially pushing that number past the half-million mark. As most of us can relate, Raven Software seems to be taking some delight in ridding the Warzone community of these jerks. “Another Warzone banwave today. Over 13,000 accounts banned,” the studio’s Twitter account read Tuesday afternoon. “Keeping them coming!”

Another #Warzone banwave today. Over 13,000 accounts banned.🚫Keeping them coming! 23, 2021

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