Bungie explains how Destiny 2’s new systems affect your current inventory: You can delete Mods now, but dont rush it

Amid all the well-founded excitement (opens in new tab) about the fantastic-looking Destiny 2 (opens in new tab): Forsaken expansion and all the major, long-overdue system changes (opens in new tab) that will come with it in Year Two, a few troublesome matters of confusion have a risen. With so many core systems being overhauled, evolved, or retired, that’s to be expected, but one big question hasn’t been addressed until now: With the weapon and armour Mods economy changing so radically, what should we do with our current spare Mods and Mod Components? Do they have any value any more, or can we just dismantle them?

Well, finally, we have an answer, from our recent Gamescom talks with several members of Bungie. First up, Community Manager David ‘Deej’ Dague explains, via his appearance on our Gamescom After Dark livetream last night, that you’re going to want to make good use of any remaining elemental weapon Mods sooner rather than later, as any such Mod in place during Destiny 2’s big, pre-Forsaken systems transition on August 28 will be locked in forever, or at least until RNG gifts you a duplicate with a different element (and probably different perks). 

“Go and take a look at all your favourite guns”. Deej recommends. “The weapon Mods you have now, they basically alter the elemental damage that that weapon does. So if you want to be a Solar, or Void, or Arc fighter, now’s the time to lock that in to make that permanent.

“You’ll have duplicate drops of those weapons with different perk sets, so if you have a favourite weapon that you think you can use to solve every problem, you can collect them with different damage types.”

“But the Mods for the weapons going forward will be things that change the way they work in a fight. Maybe you want a deeper mag, or maybe you want the weapon to be more accurate. You’ll be able to really customise this weapon so that it’s an extension of your fighting style. But now is the time to make sure that you’ve locked in your damage types. And at that point, do with them what you will.”

But don’t worry if you have more Mods than you need and a busting inventory (at this point, don’t we all?). In a separate conversation with Forsaken project lead Scott Taylor and game director Steve Cotton, we learned that any surplus Mods can now be dismantled as and when you like. Says Taylor,

“I have dismantled mine now. The thing that you could do if you want, because we’re not going to have the elemental Mods any more (they’ll will fuse into your guns), Deej was telling me that his advice is ‘If you want this to be a Solar, keep’ it. But I’m dismantling everything.”

Cotton is emphatic. “We’re giving you permission.”

“If you don’t, it’s also fine”, clarifies Taylor. “But what will happen is that in your inventory they will change to be deprecated, and you’ll just do the same thing that you would now, except that that’s time that you could be playing Forsaken.”

So there you have it. Save time, dismantle Mods now, but make sure you use all the ones you want to use first. After the August 28 change-over, there’s no going back.

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