Brock Lesnar explains in new video why WWE 12 is the only way hell return to pro wrestling

Longtime fans of pro wrestling hate to see their favorite superstars retire, even if it’s so they can compete in mixed martial arts and become one of the most popular fighters in UFC history. That’s the case with Brock Lesnar who currently aims to get back the UFC Heavyweight title and is preparing for a match in December. But he’s still coming back to sports entertainment digitally, as he’s appearing in WWE ’12, THQ’s next wrestling game. Why’d he decide to sort of return to the house of McMahon? This video interview has some answers.

As wrestling fans, we were sad to hear Brock basically says he’ll never do an F5 again in real life, and we liked that he dished on Stone Cold Steve Austin angry refusal to perform with him. UFC fans also got some nice insight into his thoughts about his upcoming fight with Alistair Overeem and how, now that he’s healthy, he’s ready to get the title back. The sharp eared ECW fans out there might have recognized the interviewer’s voice too. That’s right, it was Brock’s former WWE manager Paul Heyman, the mad genius of pro wrestling, making a low key appearance after basically leaving wrestling years ago to interview someone he helped groom for stardom. It’s a nice, subtle bonus for the hardcore fans.

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