Breath of the Wild player spends 10 hours pushing all four Beedles together

A Breath of the Wild player has brought all four of the game’s Beedles together.

Beedle is a merchant who wanders Hyrule peddling their wares. Players can find this polite salesman in many locations throughout Breath of the Wild. Each Beedle exists as a separate NPC, which technically allows him to be in multiple places at once.

Beedles can be moved ever so slightly by knocking into them, which prompted one particularly patient and determined Breath of the Wild player to embark upon a quest to bring four of them together, effectively making a band of Beedles.

As ThornyFox’s video demonstrates, the tactic is extremely tedious. One Reddit user asked (opens in new tab) how long it took to get this band of travelling merchants in one place, to which ThornyFox replied “It took me 10 hours. I had plenty of time to think about my life choices.”

each_beedle_on_the_map_exists_as_a_separate_npc from r/Breath_of_the_Wild

After all that hard work, the player couldn’t let the momentous occasion pass without a photo op. But the Beedles look in no mood to say ‘cheese’. One sits on the floor napping, while another smiles nervously, and the remaining two look extremely sorrowfully at Link, probably because he’s been pushing them around for the last ten hours. We don’t expect he’ll be getting a discount any time soon.

After completing the massive undertaking, you may be wondering whether ThornyFox regrets spending so much time putting these Beedles together. But they’ve concluded that “It was 10 hours well spent!”

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