Blizzard teams with Apple to launch Blizzard Music online store

You won’t hear songs like Zeratul’s Warning, Howling Fjord, and Blackrock & Roll on the radio, but if you’ve played a Blizzard game in recent years, you’re likely already acquainted with these and other pieces of iconic music from its PC gaming library. Now, Blizzard and Apple have joined forces to offer video game audiophiles an opportunity to buy individual tracks or full albums from some of the studio’s most popular franchises in the newly launched Blizzard Music online store.

The service is set up like a sponsored iTunes page and features ten soundtracks from Blizzard brand games including World of Warcraft (and its various expansions), Diablo II, Starcraft I and II, Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty, as well as a free 30-second preview of Diablo III’s overture. Each album is posted with ‘making-of’ notes and photos, and can be purchased for $9.99, or picked apart for its individual songs at $.99 apiece. Seeing as some albums contain upwards of 20 songs, buying in bulk is almost always the better deal.

If you already own the games, and are somewhat PC savvy, then there’s always the option of plucking these tunes off the original CDs. That said, downloading your favorite ditties through Blizzard Music will get you high fidelity audio tracks that can be ported to iOS devices without the hassle. But hey, it’s your buck – will you be spending it on Blizzard’s new music service?

Sep 15, 2011

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