BioWare is tweeting about Mass Effect and we hope its more than just fluff

BioWare sent out a cryptic Mass Effect tweet earlier today, and it’s got us wondering WTF is going on. Could it be a port for the Nintendo Switch? A remaster of the entire trilogy? Is it just more vague posturing that cruelly reminds us of the beloved trilogy without any promises for its future? Somebody answer me!

♫ #MassRelays 14, 2020

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The tweet in question is simply a music note emoji coupled with the hashtag #MassRelays (I’ve already checked, and that hashtag has no related traffic other than people wondering about the hashtag or posts from 2012). Attached to the tweet is part of the opening cinematic for the original Mass Effect game, with the ‘Mass Effect Theme’ playing over it. The #MassRelay is in reference to the text from the opening, which provides the setting for the entire trilogy: humans discovered the mass relays which allowed them to travel further into space than ever before. “They called it the greatest discovery in human history. The civilizations of the galaxy call it… Mass Effect.”

There’s not much else to glean from this tweet, but it’s important to note that it’s unlike the other posts BioWare has been putting up lately. Most of its other tweets have been sharing fan art, celebrating holidays, and wishing us a happy Dragon Age or N7 Day. This is the first Tweet in quite some time that isn’t sharing game content or celebrating a date, as January 14 has no significance in the Mass Effect universe. 

So what does it all mean? Maybe nothing, maybe something. A Mass Effect port to Nintendo Switch could be a smart move, as we know the console doesn’t have very many shooters and it can handle big games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (opens in new tab). Fans have been begging for a remastered trilogy since the lackluster and often wonky-eyed Mass Effect: Andromeda (opens in new tab), and most responses to the tweet are requesting just that. Of course, this tweet could also just be another case of BioWare reminding us of the Mass Effect brand. Cruel, but not unprecedented.

We can’t promise there’s more Mass Effect in your future, but we do know that the Final Fantasy 7 remaster is delayed to April 2020 (opens in new tab)

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