25 best shooters to play right now

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to the best shooters. Whether you’re looking for awesome first-person shooters to bring you into new worlds, or the best third-person shooters that give you a broader look at the battlefield, there’s something for everybody in our ranking of the 25 best shooter games. 

While GamesRadar+ does have more focused list covering the best FPS games you can play right now, this ranking of the best shooters will take you through all of the highlights. Whether you’re after battle royales, fast-paced multiplayer experiences, or single-player campaigns, you’ll find a little of everything in this list of the best shooters you can play right now. 

25. Vanquish


(Image credit: Platinum Games)

Developer: PlatinumGames
Platform(s): PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

PlatinumGames has always excelled in delivering fast paced experiences where explosions and long melee combos are the norm. In Vanquish, this frantic action is translated into an over the top third person shooter. From the mind of Shinji Mikami, director of the first Resident Evil, the 4 to 6 hour campaign is pure adrenaline, taking down enemies and giant bosses using all sorts of futuristic, rapid-fire weaponry. Actions such as the always gratifying slide or slowing down the camera mid air to land a headshot are landmarks for the title. And once you have gotten to the end, there’s a series of challenges as well as higher difficulties to indulge yourself in. It’s an experience that no one should miss, especially if you’re a fan of shooters and Platinum’s franchises.

24. BioShock


(Image credit: 2K)

Developer: 2K Games
Platform(s): PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

There’s a reason why Rapture is such a known location in video games. The dark remnants of this underwater utopia host dozens of hostile residents that don’t take long to give you a proper welcome once you set foot on it. Humid and gritty environments are the least of your problems, however. Massive Big Daddies joined by the enigmatic Little Sisters, as well as a cast of antagonists are waiting for you in every corner. The so-called Plasmids will grant you supernatural abilities, from throwing fire and electricity to summoning a beehive in the palm of your hand. The narrative-driven story remains emblematic to this day, and with the recently released remastered version, there’s never been a better time to finally dive into the BioShock universe.

23. Control


(Image credit: Remedy)

Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

The minds at Remedy Entertainment have made themselves known for creating their own universe and stories around the shooter genre. Control, which has you playing as the chief of a bureau that handles paranormal anomalies in our reality, is probably their most strange and intriguing to date. Protagonist Jesse takes control of a weapon that shifts shape and evolves with upgrades over time, but it’s not the only thing that is altered. The facility itself is a living world that has suddenly lost its balance, and it’s your task to try and contain whatever’s causing it before it manages to escape and endanger humankind. Fast-paced shooting is mixed with the use of telekinesis, levitation, and so much more, as you venture further and further into the Metroidvania-style labyrinth that is the Oldest House.

22. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Developer: id Software
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Bethesda and id Software surprised everyone with the reboot of Doom in 2016, introducing a campaign that mixed what made the original games so special with a modern campaign. Doom Eternal takes everything to a new level, adding new weapons and enemies into the universe, diving into the lore of the marine, and creating a foundation that expands on the expectations of what a Doom game can be, going not only through hell, but traversing all sorts of ancient civilizations on a fast manner, performing Glory Kills and destroying everything on your path with the always trusty double-barrelled shotgun. It’s a bigger and bolder campaign that isn’t afraid of taking risks and breaking foundations, and it’s better for it.

21. The Division 2

The Division 2

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Developer: Massive Entertainment
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

The Division 2 is an expansive and rich experience that can be enjoyed in single-player, but it’s ideal to dive into with a group of friends or strangers online. If you’re into looking for the best possible loot, upgrading your character’s abilities and skill trees, and simply becoming more and more powerful as time passes, this is the experience for you. On top of all of this, the depiction of a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. has you traversing streets with incredible environmental storytelling, corners to explore, and factions to defend yourself from. While it excels at PVE, the PVP aspect is also interesting, especially when venturing into the iconic Dark Zone where groups of players have to fight for supplies in intense encounters, but only one can make it out safely.

20. Superhot


(Image credit: SUPERHOT TEAM)

Developer: Superhot Team
Platform(s): PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

The premise of Superhot is simple, and yet, is executed perfectly. The time is stopped, and it only moves alongside your actions. Each footstep makes every enemy in the run move an inch, and each bullet in the air gets closer to you. It’s a game that invites you to plan ahead like no other, using the tools and actions at your disposal to take everybody down before they have a chance to retaliate. Steal their guns, throw them, use melee weapons to destroy them. Each room feels like its own puzzle, but it’s still a shooter at heart, and the story will keep you coming back for more as you slowly begin to master its unique feature.

19. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Developer: Gearbox Software
Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

Borderlands 3 might feel a bit too familiar to the past entries in the series, but it’s definitely a case of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. The gameplay loop of discovering new and powerful weapons never gets old, and it’s just one of the many charms underneath the premise of bounty hunters banding together once more. The new set of characters breaks the mould of the predecessors, and there’s a certain joy that comes from learning to make the most out of their abilities in combat and working in synergy with others that resembles games like Diablo. It’s really easy to get lost for hours fighting baddies and exploring the wasteland, and with all the recent expansions, the game is slowly matching the scope of Borderlands 2, with all the latest additions and quality of life improvements.

18. Returnal


(Image credit: Housemarque)

Developer: Housemarque
Platform(s): PS5

Developer Housemarque delivered one of the best third-person shooters in recent memory in Returnal. It’s a caustic action experience, built on a foundation of mechanically tight action and roguelike sensibilities. Returnal won’t be for everybody – it’s undoubtedly challenging for starters, with each death on a truly hostile alien world sending you back to your ship with little more than the knowledge and experience you gained throughout your last attempted run. But there’s something undeniable more-ish about its structure, with a desire to uncover Returnal’s mysteries propelling you further and further down the rabbithole. It’s one of the best looking, sounding, and feeling PS5 exclusives available right now, and an easy recommendation for any of you looking for a shooter unlike anything else on this list. 

17. Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

It took a while for Rainbow Six Siege to find its footing, but ever since its release in 2015, this online shooter never stopped evolving. Taking the foundation of approaching multiplayer matches tactically, destroying walls, leaning in corridors, and planning strategies on the fly with your team, it has grown and evolved with the addition of new operators, the careful attention to feedback from the community, and a constant refining of the mechanics that made it so distinct in the first place. There has never been a better time to try out what it has to offer, especially if you’re keen on a slower and more tactical approach than the many online shooters out there.

16. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Mankind divided

(Image credit: Eidos Montreal)

Developer: Eidos Montreal
Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

Adam Jensen’s story continues beyond Human Revolution and into 2029, a period of time where people who have been mechanically augmented are now treated as outcasts in society. The constant dispute as we try and unravel the mysteries of the campaign are joined by the elements that made this iteration of the series so intriguing in modern hardware: the possibility of tackling each encounter your own way, either going full throttle and using abilities to become a human shield, or sneaking past enemies using air vents and securing escape routes. The world is yours to explore, and Adam Jensen, as much as it is a character on his own, is only shaped by your decisions.

15. Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Developer: Ubisoft Toronto
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

You know what you’re getting with a Far Cry game: a beautiful world to explore, massive outposts to topple, reactive artificial intelligence to push your reactions and accuracy, and some of the best sounding firearms in the video game industry to do it with. Far Cry 6 is a wonderful first-person shooter, building upon the legacy of the best Far Cry games to deliver an experience that respects its past and shows hints towards where it may go in the future. If you’re looking for something you can lose yourself to for tens of hours, you won’t be disappointed by what you find in Far Cry 6.

14. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Developer: MachineGames
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Machine Games has been in charge of the modern Wolfenstein series ever since 2014, and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus went ahead and delivered a culmination of the growing story around B.J. Blazkowicz and his crew. It’s by far the most story-focused entry, and in between the frenetic and often over the top cutscenes, there’s plenty of Nazi shooting to do. Classic weapons make their comeback, as well as the charming dual wielding, but the new additions such as the hatchet elevate already raw and brutal combat to new heights. The plot leads to a certain point in the middle of the story where everything changes and the capabilities of B.J. are significantly increased. Along with the campaign, an array of collectibles to find and many skill trees to level up, you can perfect your abilities during assassination missions, which can be accessed both during and after the story is over. The third and final installment of the series might still be a mere wish at the moment, but in the meantime, The New Colossus packs more than a punch.

13. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

(Image credit: 4A Games)

Developer: 4A Games
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

The culmination of the iconic post-apocalyptic franchise, Metro Exodus expands the atmospheric encounters of the first two games into open world levels that feel as dangerous as the dark and claustrophobic train tunnels. Luckily, both settings are present throughout the story, but now the plot is focused around a trip inside the train named Aurora, one of the last hopes for survival for the protagonist and his crew. As you explore the 20 hour long campaign, you begin to know them better, caring for their well being as you venture into the unknown to fight against mutants and infamous characters. It may seem like a departure from the series, but it understands what made it so appealing in the first place, and retains the best elements in Exodus while taking them to new heights.

12. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2

(Image credit: Capcom)

Developer: Capcom
Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 is one of the best action games of all-time. That’s partly on its presentation – despite being a couple of years old now it still looks and sounds quite like anything else out there, engineering a truly haunting atmosphere through the desolated streets of Raccoon City – but more acutely on the strength of its combat system. Tight-third-person shooting is the foundation for Resident Evil 2’s play and it’s a hell of a time. Take aim at individual limbs to slow aggressive infected down, fight back against hordes of encroaching enemies with a dwindling supply of ammunition, and take little comfort in the small victories because you always know a much larger threat may be lurking around the next corner. Resident Evil 2 is something special.

11. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

(Image credit: EA)

Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Respawn Entertainment took a departure from the Titanfall series and came up with a new take on the battle royale genre. Apex Legends maintains the tight controls and fast-paced nature that the studio is certainly known for, and it also introduces a set of charismatic characters with their own abilities and perks. Everything comes together as one once you and your two teammates make a landing in the huge map. Pick up the nearest weapon, double jump, wall climb, and make the best out of your hero’s abilities to try and be the last team standing. Even if you fail, it’s highly likely that the polished action and interesting loop will have you thinking “just one more match” over and over.

10. Half-Life Alyx

Half-Life Alyx

(Image credit: Valve)

Developer: Valve
Platform(s): PC (VR)

Many will point to Half-Life 2 as one of the best shooters of all-time and, while it is still a fantastic and formative experience, there’s true magic to be found in Half-Life Alyx. This virtual reality exclusive shows the power and potential of VR for shooters, giving you an unprecedented level of control and freedom to experiment in a world we had been so desperate to return to. By handing us intricate control over the weapons in our hands, and by engineering truly reactive scenarios, Valve was able to deliver one of the best shooters of all time. Trust us when we say that you’ve never played anything quite as immersive as Half-Life Alyx, a must-play if you can get your hands on the necessary technology to run it. 

9. PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds

(Image credit: PUBG Corp)

Developer: PUBG Studios
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

The original Battle Royale is better than it has ever been. While PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has ceded some ground to the Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzones, and Fortnites of this world, it still has a tactical advantage over its most immediate competition. It’s slower and more unforgiving for starters, with a greater focus on survival, which only helps to elevate moments of incremental victory. This third-person shooter recently went free-to-play, imbuing its servers with a new lease of life; there’s a massive amount of content available in PUBG, from a wide range of maps to customisable weapons, and you really should give it another shot if you’re after a break from the other major battle royales. 

8. Gears 5

Gears 5

(Image credit: Microsoft Studios)

Developer: The Coalition
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

It wouldn’t be a best shooters list without at least one Gears game on it. Gears 5, while maybe not the first choice for the veterans of the series, still captures what made the franchise so interesting over the years. An even more refined take on cover shooting, mixed with new weapons and a whole new group of enemies to fight as protagonist Kait Diaz discovers the Swarm in a new thrilling story. But you can jump right in even if you haven’t played any of the previous entries, particularly if you’re interested in playing co-op with your friends. The addition of Escape, a three-player mode where teamwork is mandatory as you infiltrate an enemy hive, plant explosives, and have to flee the scene immediately, is a welcoming addition to an already varied multiplayer landscape. And in Gears 5, there’s certainly something for everybody.

7. Titanfall 2


(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Titanfall 2 is an underrated first-person shooter from the past decade. Respawn Entertainment might be busy with Apex Legends now, but if you haven’t played it already, you’re missing out on one of the best campaigns in years. It’s a tale about a pilot and his companion mech robot, as they explore an alien world in constant dispute due to enemy factions. You run on walls and slide on the ground, shooting at everything on sight with an array of inventive weapons. But whenever you hop on your mech, everything changes, and both experiences become one as they intertwine perfectly with each other. The story delivers levels that always bring something new to the table, expanding the possibilities of each element in the game to unthinkable levels.

6. Deathloop


(Image credit: Bethesda)

Developer: Arkane Studios
Platform(s): PC, PS5

GamesRadar’s GOTY for 2021, Deathloop is such a damned good time. It’s colorful and energetic, stylish and carefully crafted, pushing you to complete a perfect loop of assassinations in a single day. Arkane took the experience it has gained from working on Dishonored, Prey, and Wolfenstein and threaded it into a truly dynamic first-person shooter, the type of experience that will keep you guessing throughout its lengthy runtime. The shooting feels fantastic, the AI is a lot of fun to fight against, and the array of supernatural powers that are thrust into your hands only help to amp up the carnage. Deathloop is a must-play for every shooter fan. 

5. Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone Season 2

(Image credit: Activision)

Developer: Raven Software
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Call of Duty: Warzone could shift positions in this list from week-to-week, such is the unruly rate in which Raven Software and an army of support studios have been updating this battle royale. Of course, at its heart Warzone is one of the best first-person shooters of the modern era. It takes the precision born through in 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot and uses it as a foundation for broader action. Whether you’re eagerly jumping into the core Battle Royale offering on the WW2-themed Caldera map or diving into the more aggressive modern-play on Rebirth Island, Warzone is a great time – especially if you can pull a group of friends into this free-to-play shooter with you. 

4. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Developer: 343 Industries
Platform(s): PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

343 Industries has the weight of the world on its shoulders with Halo Infinite. The series has struggled to find its feet in the last decade, and Halo Infinite had to lay strong foundations for future expansion as Xbox Game Studios looks to a new generation. And what we received was pretty astounding. The campaign takes Master Chief on an open-world adventure to conquer and explore a Halo Installation, delivering on the dream first offered by Combat Evolved 20 years ago. The multiplayer is similarly exciting, a free-to-play offering across PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X that gets back to the arena-shooter roots of Halo 2 and Halo 3. It’s a fantastic package.

3. Fortnite

Developer: Epic Games
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Fortnite has become a truly cultural phenomenon. So much so that it can be all-too-easy to discount how bloody fun it is as a third-person shooter. Epic Games has been quietly streamlining the underlying combat systems and refining the shooting mechanics for years now, shrinking the weapon pool and improving player mobility to help create a faster, and more immediate experience. If you were once turned away because of the building, maybe you should give it another shot now – players are still creating absurd structures at speed, but you have more tools to navigate around them to reach your target. Fun, colorful, and ever-expanding, Fortnite truly is one of the best shooters of the modern era. 

2. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart - Ratchet riding a rail into a rift portal

(Image credit: Insomniac Games)

Developer: Insomniac Games
Platform(s): PS5

Insomniac Games doesn’t get enough credit for its fantastic weapons design. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is a truly phenomenal PS5 exclusive, a system showcase unlike any other – demonstrating the speed of the SSD, the need for a 4K TV in this new-generation, and how immersive the DualSense controller can really be. However, Rift Apart is also an awesome all-ages third-person shooter. It’s fun to play, genuinely funny, and features a wide-arsenal of inventive weapons that all look, feel, and handle differently from one another. If you’re looking for a break from battle royales and military shooters, we couldn’t recommend this excellent single-player experience more highly. Give it a try and we’re pretty confident that you’ll fall in love with Rift Apart. 

1. Destiny 2


(Image credit: Bungie)

Developer: Bungie
Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

It had to be Destiny 2, didn’t it? Bungie has consistently designed the best shooters in the world throughout its 30 year history, and Destiny 2 is an almost perfect example of why the studio remains the GOAT. This online shooter continues to grow and evolve with its player-base, offering tightly-designed combat mechanics that’ll remind you of the best Halo games and a reactive shared-world that’s quite unlike anything else out there. Whether you’re running solo or with a group of Guardians, completing weekly challenges for the hell of it or gathering the necessary equipment and experience to tackle its most challenging Raids, Destiny 2 is a gem of a shooter. There’s never been a better time to jump in and give it a try either; Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is out now, a new expansion that is perfect for new, returning, and veteran players.

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