10 amazing Far Cry 5 Arcade levels from Star Wars to Saw, Silent Hills to The Last of Us and more

Ubisoft’s ‘make your own level’ Arcade game editor in Far Cry 5 (opens in new tab) has been used to make some cool things. But by far the most impressive creations are when people create something recognisably not Far Cry, like movies to whole other game franchise. The skill here is mushing together the various objects and landscapes provided – including [deep breath] Far Cry 5, Far Cry 4 (opens in new tab) and Far Cry Primal (opens in new tab), Assassin’s Creed: Origins (opens in new tab), Assassin’ Creed: Unity (opens in new tab), Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (opens in new tab) and Watch Dogs (opens in new tab) – to create the illusion of anything from the Saw (opens in new tab) horror movie, to Lord of the Rings (opens in new tab). There are plenty more too, showing some serious creativity with the tools on offer. 

To find any of these levels for yourself then you’ll need to head to the ‘Browse solo & co-op maps’ section of Arcade and search either by map name or by creator.  

The Last of Us

Game mode: Journey (get to the exit)
Creator: Kaiguy153

If you’re not convinced Far Cry 5’s militia hunting open world can do The Last of Us (opens in new tab) justice then prepare for this level to change your mind. From the twangy banjo music to deer scampering through the undergrowth, this captures the feel of Naughty Dog’s post apocalyptic world perfectly. There’s a peaceful tranquility to the city streets reclaimed by nature here. When you aren’t being attacked, that is. You can also check out the The Forbidden Zone, a level actually made by Ubisoft for something similar. That’s a bounty hunt with four targets to track down. 

Resident Evil 2 v3

Game mode: Journey
Creator: Lord_reyko

It’s not a perfect recreation but still a pretty good approximation of Raccoon City (and a good warm up for Resident Evil 2 Remake (opens in new tab)). All the key beats are there from the opening moments including the gun shop and the police building. What it lacks in accuracy it makes up for with the frantic panic of realising that, A) your handgun doesn’t kill the undead (the drug addled Bliss zombies from Far Cry 5) and, B) they just keep coming. Picking up the .50 cal sniper helps but the rushing hordes will certainly give you a run for your money. 

Modern Warfare

Game mode: Bounty Hunt (kill a target)
Creator: Erid-DrAk3

It surprising how well Far Cry 5’s collection of buildings, cargo containers and soldiers works in recreating Call of Duty 4 (opens in new tab)’s iconic All Ghillied Up level. It’s a tough fight too, battling through the enemy forces to reach your assassination target. Along the way you’ll pass recognisable landmarks from the original game like the swimming pool and, finally, fight off a horde under Chernobyl’s famous ferris wheel. 


Game mode: Assault (kill everything)
Creator: WahGwanItsJr/1st creator SOV4REIGN

Another nod to Call of Duty here with a perfect recreation of Black Ops (opens in new tab)’s iconic multiplayer map Nuketown. Not only does it perfectly mirror the tight huddle of buildings and busses, but it’s also actually really good fun to tear through, picking off the other ‘players’. Turns out that map’s design translates to Far Cry’s gunplay extremely well. 

Escape, Jigsaw’s Lab

Game mode: Journey
Creator: The_game_02

This is a great homage to the films in so many ways. When it first starts you’ll find yourself in a really well made recreation of Jigsaw’s first torture room from the original film – complete with bodies chained to pipes, and a dictaphone on the floor. And then… nothing. Initially, at least. There is a way to escape and it’s a nicely designed puzzle room, making actually getting out a real challenge. Along the way it also does a great job of fleshing out the horrors of what else Jigsaw got up to with some of his other victims. 

!! Hoth !!

Game mode: Assault
Creator: ben10owen

This is a fantastically well designed level recreating The Empire Strikes Back’s opening battle. The laser turrets, shield generators and AT-ATs are all instantly recognisable – it’s even got Star Destroyers flying over head. Plus you can fly around, even between the AT-AT’s legs, albeit in planes without a harpoon. However, the best bit is when you realise there are grappling hook points in the belly of each machine. That means you can actually climb up, into each transport and attack it from the inside just like Luke.

!! Hobbit !!

Game mode: Journey
Creator: ben10owen

This level pushes how far you can take Far Cry 5’s creative potential away from it’s modern day Montana setting, and achieves that surprisingly well. From the instantly recognisable Hobbity home of Bag End, to the craggy, fiery terrain of Mordor. Even the Yeti work as trolls, although they make it a tough challenge to reach the top of Mount Doom and save Middle-Earth. Especially as you only have a bow and some molotovs to protect you. 

MGS1 Shadow Moses

Game mode: Journey
Creator: RobOCOP_Xs4

This is quite a big level and does a surprisingly good good of recreating the original PS1 game’s overall level design. It’s all there: swimming in at the start, the forklift in the corner; the base opening and infiltration. Even the tanks make an appearance in a slightly lumpy, built out of boxes way. The icing on the cake though has to be finding a version of ArmsTech president Kenneth Baker tied to a pillar in a near perfect recreation of the area where you have your first boss fight with Revolver Ocelot. 

Silent Hills

Game mode: Journey

This is a really short level but worth playing just to see how well it recreates Kojima’s tragically lost Silent Hills demo, PT. For a game basically built around a couple of corners it’s amazing how instantly recognisable this is. And, yes, it does do the loop thing but I’m not going to spoil how, you’ll just have to find out for yourself. 

Dark Souls 3

Game mode: Journey
Creator: Dutch_Gamer01

Nothing in Far Cry 5 should even remotely resemble anything from Dark Souls 3 (opens in new tab). Yet this is somehow instantly recognisable with its barren Gothic spendor, diseased trees and crumbling graves and structures. Extra points also have to go to the bonfire (okay, a stick in a campfire, but good effort) and the glowing lights hovering over first aid kits that totally look like souls from actual game. 

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