Bandai Namco unveils two more Tekken 7 DLC characters

Two new fighters are readying up to join the roster in Tekken 7 (opens in new tab).

Announced at the Tekken World Tour Finals 2019 over the weekend, Bandai Namco released new details about Muay Thai champion Fahkumram and Ganryu, as well as a new teaser for the previously announced new face, Leroy Smith.

All three characters are coming as part of the season pass – along with a Thai fighting stage (thanks, Gematsu (opens in new tab)) – although for now, we’re unclear on when they’ll be released.

Though the developer opened up a little about Fahkumram – apparently, the Muay Thai champion is “ready to enter the ring to fight for his family’s freedom!” – it was less forthcoming about Ganryu, who remains something of a mystery for now.

During the Tekken Finals Evo 2019 in August, a short clip featuring Snake talking over a codec was shown, which quickly led fans to believe the special ops soldier would be joining the roster in Tekken 7 (opens in new tab). Sadly, it was just a joke and Evo shortly took to Twitter to confirm that it wasn’t meant to mislead anyone into thinking it was a character reveal.

While Snake won’t be adding his special skills to the Tekken scene, martial artist Zafina – who first appeared in Tekken 6 – and Leroy Smith were, however, unveiled at the time. A new teaser has been released for the latter, too – check it out below:

This is still not as bonkers as when The Walking Dead’s Negan was added as a DLC character (opens in new tab), though…

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