Attention all PC gamers: the open beta of PC Gamer Digital is LIVE!

The future of games coverage has arrived, and you can be among the first to get a crack at it! Made by the same team that brings you the best-selling PC gaming magazine in the whole world, PC Gamer Digital gives you a totally new way to explore, discover, and experience PC games, and lets you share those experiences with your friends, Steam groups, and the entire PC gaming community. It’s a digital companion that’s been designed from the ground up to help you be a better gamer. Check it out.

We could go on and on about it, but that’s not the point of a beta. We want you to download it, try it out, push every button, pull every slider, wander around our GameViews, rummage through our Dev Roundtable, and even enjoy a nice Three-Way. Then let us know what you think at Your comments will help us tweak the debut episode, which will hit Steam in less than a fortnight.

PC gaming has always been on the very scalpel-sharp edge of technology, and the most advanced, innovative, no-holds-barred, blow-your-mind platform platform in the world deserves an advanced, innovative, no-holds-barred, blow-your-mind medium to cover it. One that gives them hands-on experiences, interactive strategy guides made by the pros, and a humungous community to share it all with. That’s PC Gamer Digital. So go forth, pilgrims. Download the beta, discover the future of games coverage, and tell us what we can do to make it even better!

Sep 22, 2011

UPDATE: The open beta for PC Gamer Digital is region restricted. Those outside the US will not be able to participate in the open beta.

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