Around the Network: 27 September 2013

It’s almost three months to the day until Christmas is upon us again (sorry), and we’re already getting the turkey sweats just thinking about it. Which is as fitting an excuse as any to escape to the Future web for shiny game, tech and film-related awesomeness…


Where’s the Yeti? CVG explore the very finest GTA 5 conspiracy theories

Valve is creating its own gaming machine! Find out more about Valve’s Steam PCs, launching in 2014

Games Radar

Now that GR have played through GTA 5 , they look to the future of the series in 8 things we want from GTA 6 .

The next generation is almost here. Take a look at some of the upcoming games in 11 new RPGs on the horizon for 2014 and beyond .

Official Nintendo Magazine

Meet Doublade, the latest new Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y . It’s Honedge’s evolution.

Toon link is a playable character in Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS but is he too similar to ‘realistic’ Link?

Official PlayStation Magazine

Want more trophies? (Hey, who doesn’t?) Check out OPM’s GTA 5 trophy tips – a guide to Grand Theft Autos hardest trophies

If you’re looking for the best downloads on the PlayStation Store, head on over to the ultimate PS3 DLC guide

Official Xbox 360 Magazine

One man’s pledge – why I’ll never finish GTA 5

Gladiators don’t have to be amazing (just ask Russell Crowe). Which is why Xbox 360 Mag have written Ryse above it: how to be the worst gladiator on Xbox One


Looking for a budget tablet this autumn? Check out T3’s picks of the best cheap tablets for 2013 , including the new Tesco Hudl tablet

Microsoft could be ready to update its mobile OS; here’s all the rumours on a possible Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade.


Head on over to TR’s BlackBerry Z30 hands on review to see whether the 5-incher will prove a hitter for anyone in the market for a top-end smartphone.

Valve has its sights set on your lounge with SteamOS . Confused? TR explains all.

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