Apex Legends Mobile gameplay looks pretty impressive

Apex Legends Mobile is rolling out in a series of closed beta tests across India and the Philippines, and one lucky player shared their gameplay experience on YouTube.

Apex Legends Mobile will launch later this year, and the closed beta kicked off shortly after the game was officially announced. While you may not be able to get your hands on it just yet, YouTube user Sachu Gaming uploaded a nearly 11 minute long video featuring the Apex Legends Mobile trailer (which I assume plays when you first open the game), and the gameplay. The main menu looks just like the OG Apex Legends, with some slight changes to accommodate smaller screens. The only available map is World’s Edge and there are only 8 Legends available to choose from in the game lobby: Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Warith, Bangalore, Caustic, Octane, and Wattson. 

As far as gameplay goes, the opening of the match looks a lot like a regular Apex Legends match, but the names of the locations are emblazoned over the map while you’re in the dropship (like Call of Duty: Warzone). There are icons on the screen for you to tap that will let you crouch, jump, melee, or fire a weapon. You can knock players in Apex Legends mobile and downed players can use Knockdown Shields – it really does look exactly like the game we’re all used to, which is pretty impressive.

Apex Legends Mobile does not have a set release date, but expect it sometime in 2021. Until then, you may want to gear up for Apex Legends Season 9 which will include its biggest update ever. Check it out in our Apex Legends season 9 preview

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