Apex Legends glitch lets you turn Gibraltars shield into a mobile jump pad or gas station

Apex Legends (opens in new tab) has a new glitch that players everywhere are exploiting, but it’s ok, because it’s the fun kind of exploit – it’s even driven people to pick Gibraltar on purpose. Players have discovered that, for some reason, Gibraltar’s shield counts as a solid object for the purposes of deploying items like Octane’s jump pad and Caustic’s gas traps. Not his imposing shoulders, not his fearsome kneepads, just the shield that he deploys when he aims down sights.

It’s pretty simple to do: the Gibraltar player just needs to pull out their shield and keep it out. Then the Octane or Caustic can throw their item onto it (it’s easiest to do from above) and it will stay stuck until Gibraltar puts his shield away. And as we’ve seen since launch, many player-deployed items can stick to other player-deployed items – leading to monstrosities like this (from YouTuber Kory Webster (opens in new tab)).

It gets better. Not only can Octane’s jump pad stick to Gibraltar’s shield, it will even launch him around the world if he points it toward the ground. It effectively turns the big brudda into a well-armored pinball (from YouTuber urnotjustin (opens in new tab)).

You can’t see the items that get stuck to your shield if you’re playing as Gibraltar, but you can enjoy the bounciness in first person. Definitely throws people off in firefights, even if you’re at a bit of a disadvantage because of the whole “can never put my gun down” thing (from Twitch streamer Darkzama (opens in new tab)).

Like I said, it’s technically an exploit, but you’d have to get very creative to actually get any kind of competitive advantage out of it. Even so, I imagine Respawn Entertainment will fix the glitch soon, so you’d better enjoy your sticky Gibraltar adventures while you can.

In other strange Apex Legends news, a couple of players literally carried/pushed their AFK teammate to victory (opens in new tab). Make sure you watch our Wraith guide below if you want to pull that off yourself.

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