Alan Wake officially coming to PC early next year

Announced way back in 2005, Alan Wake was originally planned for release on PC and the just announced Xbox 360. By 2010 the game at last hit the 360 to some fanfare, but PC gamers looking to experience the Stephen King/Twin Peaks vibe were left out in the cold. Today, after more than a year of silence, the developer Remedy has finally revealed Wake is coming to the PC early next year.

Rumors (opens in new tab) were popping up yesterday of an imminent announcement, with Remedy making the PC plans official this morning (opens in new tab). It makes sense, as Remedy got its start as a PC dev, and it’s nice that the team could ultimately fulfill the promise of a PC version. The package includes both DLC episodes that were released on Live, meaning you get the whole A. Wake experience. The release seems timed to coincide with the launch of the entirely new the XBLA-exclusive Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (opens in new tab) that’s also coming in early 2012.

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