50 Greatest Emma Watson Moments

Doing Her Homework

When director Alfonso Cuarón was brought in to rejuvenate the arguably flagging franchise for The Prisoner Of Azkaban , he decided the best way to get to know his young stars was by setting them an essay where they could share their feelings about their characters.

The results proved that these three roles could not have been better cast, as Dan Radcliffe handed in a short draft, Rupert Grint forgot completely and the gloriously nerdy Emma Watson presented Cuarón with a brief sixteen page masterpiece.

Where does Watson end and Hermione begin?!

Twitter Threats

In case you were wondering whether being an international celebrity made you immune from little vices like cinema rage, you’d be wrong.

Voicing an anger that any regular movie-goer has experienced first-hand, Watson recently tweeted about attending a noisy screening that nearly sent her over the edge: “People chatting loudly in the cinema I am in. If you don’t stop talking very soon I will start pelting you with Maltesers.”

We hope she did it – can you imagine getting ticked off by Hermione Granger?

Hermione’s Final Act

Hermione’s always been ahead of her peers when it comes to figuring stuff out, but this moment from the big finale of The Deathly Hallows: Part Two showed that her quick brains aren’t always such a good thing.

Whilst Ron (Rupert Grint) stands there trying to work out what Harry (Daniel Radcliffe)’s rambling means, Hermione immediately twigs that Harry’s about to give himself up to Voldemort. She doesn’t try to dissuade him, just embraces him with a heart-rending “I’ll go with you”.

The Tale of Despereaux (2008)

Watson took on her first voice role for this family-friendly story of big-eared mouse Despereaux (Matthew Broderick) who refuses to be scared of anything, lending her dulcet cut glass tones to Princess Pea, the human royal who befriends the brave little mouse.

She also took part in some sickeningly cute PR for the movie, introducing her “charming friend” Despereaux to audiences and landing a big ole smooch on his little schnoz.

The Trailblazer

Last year, Emma was given the well-deserved title of Trailblazer at The MTV Movie Awards, presented by her My Week With Marilyn costar Eddie Redmayne whose speech reminded everyone that Watson had been starring in big movies for over ten years (which immediately made everyone watching feel outrageously old).

Her acceptance speech was just as delightful as anticipated as she self-deprecatingly mocked her hair back in the early Potter films, and her nervous reaction to Jonah Hill’s announcement that he would be joining her as the leads in Fifty Shades Of Grey was truly priceless.

A Sensible Outlook

The majority of child stars go off the rails after feeling immense pressure to be a role model. So why hasn’t Ms. Watson gone the same way?

She reckons it’s all because she’s simply too serious to get caught up in the world of celebrity, telling W Magazine: “I was always a very serious child. I remember being 13 and girls in my class saying, “So-and-so is going to kiss so-and-so on the school fields.” I said, “That’s stupid. They’re too young for it to matter – he doesn’t love her, and that’s just a waste of time.” It’s amazing that I had any friends!”

A New Challenge

As Ila, the wife of Noah (Russell Crowe)’s son Shem (fellow Burberry model Douglas Booth), Watson faced an acting challenge unlike any she’d had before – onscreen childbirth.

Having spent years playing younger than her age, it must have been quite a leap from schoolgirl to young mother, and Watson spoke of the intimidating experience on the movie’s red carpet.

“It was crazy. I had to do a lot of research and it was pretty intimidating to have to do that on camera. I have a whole new respect for women and giving birth and motherhood.”

Emma Watson: Rock Star

They say you can’t be a bonafide movie star unless you’ve been the leading lady in an music video (see Robert Downey Jr., Christopher Walken, Angelina Jolie and many, many more) and in 2010 Watson starred opposite new beau George Craig in indie band One Night Only’s video Say You Don’t Want It .

There aren’t many blokes who could persuade the gorgeous Emma Watson to play a human incarnation of a dog!


Talk about going method.

To help prepare for her role as the vacuous Nicki in Coppola’s The Bling Ring , Watson created a blog on Tumblr for her character, complete with trashy zebra print background and requisite pointless use of “namaste”.

Watson also shared the secrets behind her dead-on Hollywood girl drawl, saying that she watched a lot of The Hills, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and hours and hours of Paris Hilton footage.

England Or America?

Having spent her teenage years flitting between England and America, it’s fair to say that Ms. Watson must have dated across the pond.

She shared her thoughts on the differences between the two during a visit to The Ellen Show in 2012, saying that although we Brits are very well-mannered and have excellent dress sense (*dusts lapels*), we’re lacking when it comes to confidence.

She recalls an American beau immediately saying “I like you, let’s go on a date” to her upon her arrival in the States, and being gobsmacked at his forwardness.

Maybe we should take dating tips from the Yanks after all?!

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