20 best video game toys of Toy Fair 2015

The fairest of them all

Toy Fair 2015 crept up slowly and then was over in a flash, as usual! This mammoth show features nearly every toy company on the planet as they all show off their newest products. To survive, you’ll require comfortable shoes for hours of wandering, knees of steel to reach those toys in cases laying on the floor, and a bag full of foods in bar form, lest you stop for an over priced lunch and blow precious time you could be using to cover HUNDREDS OF TOYS!!!

It was a tough job, but I took to the aisles to uncover the best of the best in video game related collectibles and complied a list of 20 items that will destroy the competition at every turn. Ladies and gentlemen, ready your wallets. They are about to beg for mercy.

Kotobukiya Halo Master Chief ARTFX Statue

Maybe ‘statue’ isn’t the most accurate name for this Master Chief replica. What we’ve got here is a static figure up to the waist, then articulated arms and head to round things out. Starting with a black-suited body, you then build on your HALO armor with the Mark IV included armor kit. So, really, it’s part statue, part action figure, and part model kit – but all awesome. Additional Mark V and VI (Gen 1) armor sets and weapons will be sold separately and additional sets and bases are on the way. This initial Master Chief set is due this October for $79.99.

The Coop Walking Dead Chocolate Pudding Thermal Pack

The Walking Dead has enjoyed a couple of video game interpretations alongside the long running comic book series and mega popular TV series, and so, finding a completely original collectible from this series is rather astounding. It’s not an action figure or a statue, but this little gem of an item is most certainly a collectible, and one that will make fans of the show flip out when they see it. In this case, we have a replica of Carl’s favorite zombie-killing snack: a great big can of chocolate pudding. Now, it’s re-interpreted to carry your lunch where ever you go. Brilliant. No release info yet, but we’ll be watching.

Max Factory Metroid Other M Samus Aran Zero Suit Version

Some collectibles strive to capture a character at a key point in a series so die-hard fans can pore over every detail and relive their favorite video game moment. It’s even better when those collectibles are ridiculously high-quality. Samus has long been a favorite video game hero to players of all stripes, so it comes as no surprise companies have revisited this superstar for many years now. Max Factory’s 8 1/2 inch Zero Suit figure comes with a baby Metroid and her paralyzer gun. Available now for around $149.99 (opens in new tab).

Mezco Mortal Kombat X

Mezco dives into a video game property I’ve always felt is under-served by collectibles as a whole. Sure, Mortal Kombat has had a figure line here and there, but there has yet to be that uber action figure line that sparks the interest of fans patiently awaiting a toy line worthy of their favorite franchise. Thankfully, Mezco is stepping up up with six-inch, four-inch, and two-inch, figures, bobble heads and plush for Mortal Kombat X. The line launches with iconic characters Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Raiden in a six-inch action figure format with multiple points of articulation, extra hands, and accessories for $22 each this May.

Lego Minecraft

Never was there such a perfect fit as Lego and Minecraft. Seriously, if these two properties had never gotten together, I think the entire geek planet would have been scratching its head. Lego kicked off the line last year with a number of sets that dominated many an aisle in retail shops across the planet. Now fans can look forward to The Desert Outpost ($59.99), The Nether Fortress ($79.99), The Dungeon ($19.99), and The Snow Hideout ($34.99) arriving in August.

DC Collectibles six-inch scaled Batman the Animated Series Batmobile

Sure, not strictly a video game item, but both the Animated Series, comics and movies have been featured in video games over the years, so we’ll make an exception for one amazing toy. Last year, DC launched a six-inch scaled line of Batman the Animated Series action figures sporting excellent articulation, accessories and tons of little extras. Now, DC Collectibles presents what we hope is the first of many awesome vehicles: the Batmobile! It features working lights at the front, back, and inside at the control panel, seating for the world’s greatest detective and his ward, working wheels, slide-open cockpit and a lightweight body that keeps the cost down to $99.95. It’s due out in October.

Diamond Select Plants vs Zombies Figures

Diamond Select took a stab at Plants vs Zombies action figures last year and showed off prototypes at Toy Fair 2014. Now these cute’n’creepy creations are hitting stores as we speak, with the much anticipated Yeti following close behind later this month. Figure packs and Yeti all by his lonesome retail for around $22.95 (opens in new tab) each.

Neco Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet

It’s not a toy, it’s DOT certified and street legal! With an adjustable chin strep and scratch resistant finish, it’s vented, padded, and ready to let you finish the fight. Or at least have a wicked time on a motorcycle. This takes wearing your fandom on your sleeve to a whole new level. It’s due out this summer for $499.99 (opens in new tab).

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statues

Kotobukiya’s long-running collection of comic, movie, and video game heroine statues marches on with plenty for gamers to get excited about. Toy Fair 2015 marks the first show we were greeted with Street Fighter’s Sakura in the flesh, or rather the plastic (coming September 2015). Koto had signs teasing the coming of Street Fighter’s Poison (early 2016), Metal Gear Solid’s Sniper Wolf (Q4 2015), Marvel Comics’ Lady Deadpool (February 2016), DC Comics’ Raven (Q4 2015) and Mass Effect 3’s Tali’Zorah (Q4 2015). All Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statues retail for around $59.95 (opens in new tab).

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