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Scribblenauts “Write Anything, Solve Everything” puzzle gameplay has only grown since it came to the DS in 2009. Each new entry in the series has deepened the massive vocabulary of items that protagonist Maxwell conjures with his Magic Notepad, but will expand the collection of words in a unique way. Scribblenauts Unmasked is the franchises first licensed game, and Maxwell will explore the DC Comics universe, meaning he can summon heroes like Superman and Batman with just one word.

Scribblenauts Unmasked boasts the inclusion of more than 2,000 terms from the comics. The trailer revealed such deep cuts as Mogo, the Living Planet and Anti-Monitor, but we want to really test the game. We rounded up 15 obscure, DC-centric words we cant wait to try the next time we demo the game. We hope to play the game soon because were dying to see if Scribblenauts contains

Ambush Bug

Perhaps its an oxymoron, but Ambush Bug is probably the most well-known obscurity in DC history. The green-suited goofball was born Irwin Schwab, and for years his powers seemed to be limited to annoying people and bouncing off walls. After some sporadic appearances, he eventually gained the cosmic awareness to realize he was inside a comic book. Ambush Bug has been making fourth-wall-breaking comments ever since. Currently hes seen jumping between realities to tell fans about changes to the DC status quo.

How will he work? Ambush Bug should be easy to conjure at a moments notice, ready to make insider comments about the game. Wed like to see AB mock whatever system youre playing on, your progress in the game, or any continuity errors. Perhaps hell even insult Superman for his crappy N64 game.

Mother Box

A Mother Box might sound a little strange, but think of it as an iPhone from the far flung future. This little device can create force fields, release mood balancing chemicals, unlock doors, heal the nearly dead, and so much more. But this device from the Fourth World is most famous for its ability to create a Boom Tube, which is a very advanced form of teleportation, and one of very few ways people from Earth can travel to the warring planets of Apokolips and New Genesis.

How will it work? This could be the new Swiss Army Knife of Scribblenauts thanks to its many uses. On the other hand, that extreme amount of versatility might be more than the engine can handle. If that means all it can do in Scribblenauts is create a Boom Tube, well be satisfied.

Red Kryptonite

Some comic historians are too nice to say it, but Superman comics were really stupid up until about 1970. The Superman books were filled with goofy adventures and silly settings, many of which were instigated by Red Kryptonite. Unlike the deadly Green Kryptonite, the red version was all about unpredictability. Sometimes it turned Supes into an insect man, others it sent him on the equivalent of an acid trip. The effects of Red Kryptonite were only limited to how outlandish the writer wanted the story to be.

How will it work? We dont expect developer 5th Cell to be able to create an item so complex that it affects Kryptonians in different ways every time you pull it from your notepad. All we want is that it can turn Superman into some kind of lobster creature. Is that too much to ask?

Shark Repellent Bat-spray

Super-serious Bat games like Arkham City wisely steer clear of the campy Adam West TV series of the 1960s, but Scribblenauts is silly enough to handle a little Zap Pow Wham! At the very least Unmasked could include the most helpfully specific item Bats ever put in his Utility Belt: Shark Repellent Bat-spray. Its the only way to get a shark to stop gnawing on your femur.

How will it work? If there isnt a puzzle that involves saving Batman from a shark in this game, then the developers are sleeping on the job. Just saying.


Chemo dares to ask the question, What if a cloud of deadly chemicals gained sentience inside a clear plastic body? The answer is you have a giant green guy who smashes up entire cities. And even if you manage to break his tough exterior, youve now caused a chemical outbreak that outdoes any terrorists wildest dream. If you plan to stop this creature, you better be ready for immediate clean-up.

How will it work? Itd be cool enough to see a giant green monster smashing things, but a T-Rex would have the same effect. To make this really special, wed drop him from the sky and use him as a chemical bomb to kill everything on-screen, similar to his use in the Infinite Crisis comics. Dont worry, everybody can be resurrected by the push of a button… probably.


As much as we love cats, well happily admit they have the capacity to be rage-filled murder machines like Dex-Starr. Dex was your average tabby until his owner was killed, which left the kitty thrown out on the street. While he was hiding in alleys, the Red Lantern Corps recognized his venomous, primal rage and granted him a Red Lantern ring, which he uses to great effect. In fact, its said that Dex-Starr is the most cruel and vicious of all the Red Lanterns.

How will he work? Who wouldnt want to summon a killer, super-powered kitty cat? Dex-Starrs first duty will be to battle Krypto, Supermans Kryptonian dog. Once Kryptos carcass is at our feet, well summon the biggest scratching post we can find.

Etta Candy

Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic heroes of all time, but shes never had the strongest supporting cast. Take Etta Candy, her early sidekick. Ettas claim to fame was a can-do attitude and a love of sweets, though eventually writers relegated her to a bunch of lazily written fat jokes. Candy still pops every now and then, but her more recent incarnations have enough self-respect to not talk about chocolate for an entire adventure.

How will she work? Once we get over our surprise at her actual inclusion in the game, well summon Wonder Woman and WWs archenemy, Cheetah. As those two throw down, well drop Etta into the mix and see how much she can actually help Wonder Woman in a scrap. Hopefully Candy can score a few hits of her own.

Medusa Mask

Most fans know the Medusa Mask as the weapon of Psycho Pirate, a low rent baddie that somehow was the only human to survive Crisis on Infinite Earths with his memory intact. When used correctly, the Medusa Mask gives the wearer a type of mind control, though its more like the mask suggests an emotional state that the victim will wholeheartedly assume. Its one of the most coveted items in the DC universe, so it should be high on the list of super accessories in Scribblenauts Unmasked.

How will it work? More than a few puzzles in Scribblenauts titles task you with making someone feel happy. Instead of achieving that by giving them something or completing a task, well simply don the Medusa Mask and convince the person theyre happy. Hows that for lateral thinking?

Anti-Life Equation

Weve already seen Darkseid in the game, so if the ancient, evil New God is in the game, what about the formula hes desired for eons ? Darkseid has long sought the Anti-Life Equation because it will give him the ability to conquer every planet in the universe, dominating the free will of anyone that sees it. In the few stories where he successfully found the mathematical formula for fascism, Darkseid conquered Earth to the point where the Justice Leagues only fix was to completely reset the timeline. Earth was simply too far gone.

How will it work? Step one: Summon Darkseid. Step two: Hand him Anti-Life Equation. Step three: Die for Darksied!

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