11 of the rarest Game of Thrones Funko Pops on the planet (and how to buy them smarter)

When it comes to collecting Funko Pops (opens in new tab), chances are everyone’s got at least one piece of Game of Thrones merch (opens in new tab) in there. And of all the extensive sets out there, Thrones is one of the biggest and most sought after.

In total, there are 82 Thrones Funkos that’ve been released either as standard retail or as Comic Con or convention exclusives (and that’s not including the upcoming Night King riding Viserion set). Plenty are vaulted, too (24 at the time of writing), meaning not only will hardened fans struggle to track down those ultra rare SDCC releases, but they’ll have a hard time finding the vaulted variants which have long been discontinued. 

Of course, this all enhances the thrill of the chase; adding to a character’s rarity and value, while others are as commonplace as spotting a Wight pass The Wall. Here’s our guide of where to find the rarest of the rare and what you should be looking to pay for them… which should keep you occupied until Game of Thrones season 8 (opens in new tab) (finally!) arrives.


The ginger Wildling is, by comparison to the rest of the list, moderately priced. Valued and sitting at $135 on PopPriceGuide (opens in new tab), one recently sold on eBay prior to Christmas for just shy of £200. Based on previous auctions, you’ll pay at least £110 for it mint in the box, but keep an eye out and you may win one for a little cheaper if you’re lucky. 

Renly Baratheon 

The now-deceased and self proclaimed king who was assassinated on the orders of his own brother, Stannis, died what feels like a lifetime ago. He may not have lasted long in the show, but his vaulted Funko is worth a cool $190 and out of the nine or so that’ve gone on sale in 2018, he’s sold between £116 to £359. One of the most valuable older characters, for sure. 

Brienne of Tarth (bloody) 

It feels only fitting that Brienne should come after the slain king she swore to protect. This Hot Topic exclusive isn’t a whole lot different to the standard one, but the splattering of blood on her sword has a huge impact on the price. The standard, readily available version can be picked up for a tenner, whereas that bloodied sword is valued at $195, but you’d do well to nab a boxed one for under £100. 

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion triple pack 

Daenerys’s ‘children’ – her powerful dragons Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion – aren’t any sort of exclusive release nor is it retired or vaulted. It’s just very difficult to find, hence the $195 price tag. And just in case you thought you could seek out a bargain, think again: it’ll cost around £150. A metallic and slightly cheaper set is available and also rare. That one will set you back £100. 


Not to be mistaken for the 2016, six-inch dragon that’s still modestly priced at £20-30; this is the smaller 2014 version of Rhaegal and it’s a lot more expensive. Despite a $210 PPP value, you can get an unboxed one for around the £70 mark, and find it boxed for £150. Just make sure you don’t accidentally bid high on the wrong version of the fire-breather. 

Khal and Khaleesi twin pack 

Ah, the golden couple of Game of Thrones (if you can get past the Stockholm Syndrome and rape, that is). This ThinkGeek exclusive is one of a number of Drogo-Daenerys sets that fetch a high price: in this instance it’s valued at $260 and prices fluctuate between £150 and £200. While not officially vaulted, this two-pack of the, ahem, happy couple is a nice-looking set to have, and a worthy addition to any Funko collection. 

Khal, Khaleesi, and Rhaegal triple pack 

This three-pack sees a soot-covered Khaleesi with Drogo and Rhaegal. Despite its rarity, it’s not a convention exclusive. Instead, it was part of a very limited 2014 home release run that appeared to be part of a promotion that came with the season 1 and on Blu-ray. Alas, no one seems to be selling the complete set of Funko and Blu-ray anywhere. If you’ve a spare £200 or more (that’s at least $300) then go a-hunting. 

Daenerys Targaryen (with gold dragon) 

While the PPP is at $380, this super rare variant of The Mother of Dragons goes for a lot more on eBay, and it’s thanks to the limited run that saw the dragon on her arm painted gold, rather than green or red. Interestingly, this isn’t any type of exclusive; just a short production line of a gold dragon variation that eventually corrected itself. 

Tyrion Lannister (scarred) 

Tyrion’s arguably one of the best characters in Thrones, and he has four different Funkos to his name. Putting the standard, Battle Armour, and Essos (with a beard no less) versions to one side, it’s the scarred one, a Popcultcha exclusive, that’s worth the big bucks. You won’t find one for less than £450, but beware: there are custom-made versions that sell for £70, so don’t be fooled. 

White Walker (glow in the dark) 

The most one of these HMV 2012 exclusives has gone for on eBay is an eye-watering £550 (opens in new tab), with others fetching anything between £300-500. While it’s not quite the most sought-after Thrones Funko out there, it’s certainly one of those ultra rare ones you’re never likely to lay eyes on in the (glowing) flesh, so to speak. 

Ned Stark (Headless) 

The holy grail of not just the Game of Thrones series, but Funko in general, a mere 1,008 of these Neds (complete with bloody, detachable head) were made for the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. One sold on Christmas Day, 2017, for a staggering £987 ($1,400), with the other handful of Buy Nows on eBay priced at £1,000 and over. Bankruptcy is coming… 

Special mention: The Night King (translucent) 

One of the cooler additions (no pun intended) to the series was the SDCC translucent release of The Night King. When he hit the Comic Con shelves in the summer of 2017, fans went bonkers for the piece and snapped it up quicker than than Viserion hit that icy lake. At its peak it was commanding upwards of £90 on eBay. However, since a brief (and inexplicable) restock at £14.99, its value and buying price dropped significantly. Now may be a good time to swipe one before it potentially rises again. 

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