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Sony patent may reveal a new PSVR controller design

A new Sony patent offers a look at a potential new controller design for the next generation of PSVR. Dutch gadget site LetsGoDigital (opens in new tab) spotted the patent application, which Sony filed with the World Intellectual Property Office back in March and was published yesterday. The application’s text …

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An updated PlayStation VR headset is on the way

Still not got a shiny blue lit headset next to your TV? Well maybe a PlayStation VR (opens in new tab) hardware update might just push you over the virtual reality edge. Psst, don’t worry, it’s not a real chasm. There’s no enormous changes to the headset itself but new …

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Free PlayStation VR games and demos

If you’ve just treated yourself to a fancy new PlayStation VR (opens in new tab) headset, you’ll naturally want to try out this tech with as many experiences as possible. However, after sinking hundreds of your hard earned bills on the hardware, you probably won’t be able to pick up …

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