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Have you tried… using deja vu to reconnect with loved ones in My Dream is a Lost Memory?

My Dream is a Lost Memory is beautiful. Visually, its simple two-tone, sepia-soaked, hand drawn art style penned by developer LeJunes is gorgeous. Thematically, it’s relatable, weaving a short interactive and semi-autobiographical narrative about an overworked, city-living woman struggling to juggle the myriad responsibilities tied to adulthood. Its soundtrack is …

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Of DLC and quests an interview with Going Loud Studios Ben Kane

Earlier today we posted a trailer for DLC Quest, an Xbox Live Indie game that lampoons downloadable content. Since then, many of you have checked out the short, sweet game and loved it. Now, we’ve purchased the “Interview with the Developer” DLC pack, which we’re hoping gives some insight into …

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