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Welcome to Smartphone Gaming Week on GamesRadar+

It’s hard to think of an area of technology that moves as quickly as mobile gaming. New devices are released every few months, and 5G is on the way. At this pace of progress, the experiences you can have on your phones are starting to rival those you can have …

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10 free Android games to download and play right now

Mobile free-to-play games often get a bad rap by those accustomed to a decade of microtransactions, gambling mechanics, and pay-to-win multiplayer design, but don’t let that stigma deprive you of the no-cost gems fighting the good fight on the Android store. These top free Android games offer honest-to-goodness gaming for …

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Nintendo is still yet to leave its mark on mobile

When I was kid, it would’ve been a dream to play Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem on my phone. Battery life and touch screen control issues aside (I’m not even sure if we had touch screen phones back then), having those experiences on something as accessible and easy to carry …

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